KCSE 2020 Timetable

2020 KCSE Examination Timetable.

Searching for KCSE 2020 Timetable or 2020 KCSE Exams Timetable. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams will run from November. Though other practical projects start as early as January.

KCSE 2020 Timetable – Kcse Examination Timetable 2020

Find KCSE examination timetable 2020 below for download. Prepare for your KCSE Exams 2020 Using the KCSE timetable 2020 as a guideline

Download the Timetable here. KCSE 2020 Timetable

KCSE 2019 timetable pdf

KCSE 2020 timetable download

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2020 KCSE Timetable

2020 KCSE Time table instructions

The timetable has given out several guidelines including

2020 KCSE timetable guidelines directed to Supervisors, Invigilators teachers and candidates. Simplified guideline include

  • Exam will begin at 8.00am
  • No extra time will be added. The correct time will be indicated on each paper
  • Time for reading through the paper is part of time allocated but for some special papers instructions may directed otherwise
  • After the allocated time is over, the invigilator and supervisor should ensure that the candidate’ answer script has the student’s name, index number and signature.
  • Students are only to take the subject they are registered for.


2020 KCSE Timetable Guidelines and Instructions to teachers and candidates