Words That Start with S to Describe Someone

Words That Start with S to Describe Someone: Looking for the right adjectives with S to describe a person or S words to describe someone? Below we have looked at some of the popular words starting with S that you use to describe a person.

Words That Start with S to Describe Someone

  1. Sassy

Meaning: To be lively, bold, and full of spirit;

“Sasha is a clever and sassy girl who has a promising future

  1. Sarcastic

Meaning: Known to use irony in order to mock or express contempt.

“She is a calm lady although she is often sarcastic”

Words That Start with S to Describe Someone

  1. Secretive

Meaning: Likely to hide feelings and intentions or not to reveal information.

“He was very secretive about his personal life”

  1. Self-absorbed

Meaning: Preoccupied with one’s own emotional state, interests, or situation.

“If you are too self-absorbed you will less considerate to others”

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  1. Sad

Meaning: Unhappy

“Don’t let grieve and sadness take the best out of you”

  1. Sadistic

Meaning: gets pleasure from causing pain, sorrow, or humiliation on others.

“Dealing with a sadistic person can be emotionally draining”

  1. Sardonic

Meaning: cynical or mocking

“Stephen tried not to back give sardonic smile after receiving the negative comments”

  1. Shrewd

Meaning: having sharp powers of judgment

“she was shrewd enough to read his emotions”

  1. Sociopathic

Meaning: a person with an extreme form of antisocial personality disorder.

“After therapy, his sociopathic tendencies disappeared”

  1. Scornful

Meaning: feeling or expressing contempt or derision.

“After her divorce, she became a scornful woman”

Adjectives That Start With S to Describe a Person

  1. Supportive

Giving encouragement or emotional help.

“Cancer patients are supportive of each other”

  1. Self-directed

Making your own choices and managing your own work rather than being told what to do by other people

“The graduates were self-directed and self-motivated.”

S Words to Describe Someone

  1. Self-disciplined

Ability to control yourself or behave in a particular way without needing external forces

“Ray is a self-disciplined young man who continues to inspire others.”

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  1. Selfless

To be unselfish or concerned more with the needs of others than with one’s own.

“To continually serve other people one must be selfless”

  1. Self-reliant

dependent on one’s own abilities and resources rather than those of others.

“a self-reliant widower”

  1. Sincere

Lack of pretense or deceit; proceeding from honest feelings.

“Sincere workers are often not easy to find”

  1. Steadfast

decisively or dutifully stable and unwavering.

“steadfast faithfulness”

  1. Somber

having or portraying a feeling of deep seriousness.

“The teacher looked at the students with a somber expression”

  1. Softhearted

kind and sympathetic.

“The nurse who served me was softhearted”

  1. Sensible

done in accordance with understanding or wisdom; likely to be of value.

“He is a sensible customer”

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Words to Describe Someone Starting with S

  1. Savage

force of nature or of an animal that is ferocious, fierce, and uncontrolled.

“packs of savage wolves roamed in the streets”

Adjectives That Start With S to Describe a Person

  1. Studious

spending a lot of time studying or reading.

“During the exams seasons, students are quiet and studious”

  1. Sentimental

of or prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia.

“she felt a sentimental attachment to the place creep over her”

  1. Snobby

Traits of, or like a snob.

“she is detested by the snobby rich kids at college”

  1. Short-tempered

quick to become angry

“Lack of enough sleep can leave you short-tempered” 

  1. Sensuous

affecting the senses rather than the intellect.

“Her job requires her to be sensuous and smart at the same time”

  1. Serious

characterized by careful consideration or application.

“Starting a family should be considered a serious matter”

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  1. Silly

Showing a lack of good judgment or common sense; illogical and foolish.

“another of his silly jokes

  1. Skeptical

not easily persuaded; doubtful or reservations.

“The voters were deeply skeptical about some of the politician’s proposals”

  1. Submissive

Ready to follow the authority or will of others; obedient or passive.

“Christianity requires a wife to be submissive to the husband” 

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Adjectives Starting with S





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S adjectives to describe a person
















Conclusion: Words That Start with S to Describe Someone

There are many adjectives to describe a person, some are negative while others are positive. The above list of adjectives are some of the commonly used.