What Are All the Generations Called

What Are All the Generations Called: Are you wondering which generation you are in? Or you want to have a better understanding of Generations by name, birth year, and ages. This post has outlined adequate answers to most questions about generations’ names and years.

What Are the Generations Called

We have started by looking at the latest generation to the older generation

Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha Age Range

Birth date: Early 2010s to mid-2020s

Gen alpha age range: 0 to 14 years

Generation Size: 2 billion and growing

Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha is what comes after Generation Z. Currently, there is conclusive agreement that outlines the generation age range for Generation Alpha. Several sources have stated 2011 and 2012 as the beginning years for this latest generation. In as much as some media sources consider these two years, there is a general agreement that Generation Z ending year is 2012. This would suggest that the next generation which happens to Gen A would begin in 2013. For now, it would be good to suggest that the oldest cohort in this person in Generation Alpha was born early 2010s and the youngest will be born mid-2020s.

Who came up with the word Generation Alpha?

Well, Mark McCrindle, is a man who came up with the word “Generation Alpha”—during an interview with New York time1, Mark, author of The ABC of XYZ, explained that he conducted research which had suggestion of the name Generation Alpha.  A word generation alpha would be appropriate considering the prior name before it is Generation Z3.

Characteristics of Generation Alpha

Here are some of the characteristics to expect from this generation

  1. Great technological skills due to early exposure to electronic devices and the internet
  2. Have a higher chance of being obese because of reduced physical activity and easy availability of junk food
  3. Personalized and virtual learning will be an easier option for them
  4. They have and continue to have a digital and online presence at a younger age.
  5. The majority will take longer to become fully independent.
  6. They will most likely have delayed life choices when it comes to marriage, home ownership, etc
  7. As a result of improved online services many will have easier access to services such as banking, insurance, marketing, etc.
  8. Remote working is likely to become an option for some careers.
  9. Due to poor human interaction, Generation Alpha will also be characterized by poor social and emotional skills,
  10. Online payments and digital currency will likely be the best mode of payment

Generation Alpha personality traits

Although no one has reached adulthood, a few characteristics can still be mentioned and predicted for this generation.

  • Open-minded
  • Technologically inventive
  • Emotionally disconnected
  • Impulsive
  • Adventurous
  • Dependent for a longer period
  • Self-confident
  • Courageous

Generation Z

Gen Zers Age Range or Gen Z Age Range:

Generation Z Years of birth was from 1997 – 2012

Currently Aged: 12 to 27years

Gen Zers Age Range

Generation Z Size: 67.06 million2 {in US} & 2.4 billion (globally) 

Before the birth of Generation Alpha, Generation Z was the youngest. Currently, the majority are in school or have just left college. In other words, most are in their teenage stage or are young adults.

Other names for Generation Z

  • Centennials
  • Digital Natives
  • Homeland Generation
  • iGeneration,
  • Internet Generation
  • Neo-Digital Natives
  • Net Gen
  • Pluralist Generation
  • Post-Millennials
  • Zoomers

Generation Z Characteristics

They are digitally well-equipped and can access information quickly

Have a lower tendency to read books, since their time is spent on electronic devices

They tend to live slower lives compared to the millennials

They have a higher awareness

Are socially connected online, but it is hard for them to friendship and long-lasting relation ships

The majority are educated.

Their most important personal values are assisting their families and themselves to get ahead in life

Currently, they are the largest generation on Earth

Compared to the previous generation they have increased mental disturbance and are more likely to get ill often

They are not likely to settle down before 30 years

By the year 2025, they will make up 27% of the labor force

They are sleep deprived 

Generation Z personality traits

  • Empowered
  • Pragmatic
  • Shrewd
  • Independent
  • Adaptive
  • Focused
  • Friendly

Generation Alpha vs Generation Z

So far some of the major difference between Generation Alpha and Generation Z include the following

Generation Alpha Generation Z
1. Have a lower or no interaction with CDs, DVDs and Traditional TV Grew up watching Traditional CDs and DVDs
2. Less likely to remember pre-Covid life Can describe life before Covid
3. Prefer chat box Prefer forums
4. Like real time connection Like any digital connection
5. Have a 24/7 access to technology Had fewer sessions with technology and internet

Similarities between Generation Alpha Vs Generation Z

Both have been brought up with a certain level technology and internet connection.

They are empowered

Both have a tendency of developing eyes problems due to prolonged screen time

Have encountered or have known someone who has encountered cyberbullying


Millennial Generation

Millennial Age Range:

Born between 1981 – 1996

Currently Aged: 28 to 43 years

Population of millennials: 72 million (USA), 1.8 billion in the world

Millennials Age Range

Millennials, also known commonly referred to as Generation Y. These are people born between 1981 to 1996.  Majority of millennials are the children of baby boomers and early Generation X . Since the age range for this cohort is 26 to 41 years they are the parents for Generation Alpha

Other names for Millennials

Generation Y

Gen Y

Echo boomers

Generation 9/11

Gen Next

Net Generation

The Burnout Generation

Millennials Characteristics

Characteristics of Millennials Students

  • Are knowledgeable and currently have diploma, bachelor’s degree or masters
  • Are more likely to advance in education to respond to the needs in their career
  • The ration difference of educated women vs educated men does nit fiffer significantly
  • They learn best through interaction and research
  • Have a better concentration compared to Generation X and Alpha
  • Prefer learning with in a normal set up rather in a excluded place like libraries
  • Unlike their former generation before them Gen y are impulsive students and will not too much time in learning. 

Characteristics of Millennials Employee

  • They like valuable career motivations that will add experience to their life
  • Are not afraid of hierarchical positions, they can challenge or be challenged by anyone
  • They prefer change of work environment even when it means handling different roles
  • Are open minded and will often change jobs to seek for better opportunity
  • Prefer supervisor with an open door approach
  • Majority are technologically advanced and they dislike manual operations
  • Adaptive to change
  • They like social interaction

Difference Between Gen Z and Millennials

In a work environment

Generation Z Millennials
1. In search of dream job 1. Search for stable jobs
2. Cannot put up with bad Working environment 2. Can momentarily tolerate poor working environment
3. Are adopting emerging Careers 3. Used to traditional careers
4. Have accepted social media as an official platforms for communication 4. In work place majority prefer official communication outside of social media platforms
5. They expect a higher pay for entry jobs 5. Expected average pay for entry jobs
6. Are internet addicts 6. Limit the time spent on internet

 In a learning Environment

Generation Z             Millennials
1. Have lower concentration span 1.Have a higher concentration
2. Don’t mind 100 percent online classes 2. Like a hybrid approach of online and in campuses sessions
3. Are not concern about education cost 3. Are concerned about education cost
4. Will likely venture in a career different from their educational back ground 4. Will get into same career as their education qualification
5.Less Motivated 5.More motivated


Generation X

Generation X Age Range

Born between 1965 – 1980

Currently Aged: 44 to 59 years

Population of Generation X: 65.1 million (USA), 1.65 billion in the world

Generation X Age Range

Gen Xers is the generation that between baby boomers and the millennials. Most members of Generation X are the children of the Silent Generation. In 1970s and 1980s baby boomers were still children. At this time societal values were changing and there were more divorce cases, dual-income families and single-parent households. Most millennial parents are from this generation.

Other names for Generation X

Gen Xers


Baby Busters

Generation X Characteristics

  • Gen Xers can be described as being resourceful and independent.
  • Good at sustaining work-life balance.
  • They tend to be more open-minded on social issues and more ethnically diverse than boomers
  • Are skeptical
  • They like working in a less bureaucratic environment
  • Are adaptable, though they grew up without internet most have embraced the change
  • Have leadership skills
  • Majority love music, still read newspaper and watch news.


Baby Boomer Generation

Baby Boomer Age Range

Born between 1946 to 1964

Currently Aged: 60 o 78 years

Population of Baby Boomer Generation: 70.6 million (USA), 800 million in the world.

The term baby boom is commonly shortened to boomers. The word baby boom denotes to a clear increase in the birth rate after the world war II. Boomers generation denotes the generation before, Generation X and one after silent generation. Majority of baby boomers are children of either the Greatest Generation or the Silent Generation. Additionally, they are often parents of late Gen Xers and Millennials

Baby Boomers’ Characteristics

  • Have better cognitive abilities
  • Independent
  • Socially connected
  • Determined
  • Technological is an important learning tool in their lives
  • Self-assured

Silent Generation

Silent Generation Age Range

Born between 1928 to 1945

Currently Aged: 79 o 96 years

Population of Silent Generation: 21.7 million (USA), 130 million in the world

The reason why these generation has fewer people is because this is the generation that underwent the world war I and world war II. Additionally, this was the period for great depression that didn’t allow parents to have many children.

Characteristics of the Silent Generation

  • They uphold traditional values.
  • Due to the financial problem they faced, they are financially prudent
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and rarely have conflicts
  • Focused and self-determined
  • Traditional modes of communication are still preferred by many
  • Like social interaction
  • They maintain good ethics in whatever they do 

Frequently asked questions about Generations

  1. What Are The 7 Living Generations

  • The Greatest Generation ( 1901 to 1927)
  • Silent Generation (1928 to 1945)
  • Baby Boomer Generation (1946 to 1964)
  • Generation X (1965 – 1980)
  • Millennials (1981 – 1996)
  • Generation Z (1997 – 2012)
  • Generation Alpha ( Early 2010s to mid 2020s)

NB: conclusive agreement of age range for Generation Alpha

  1. Why is Gen Z called Gen Z?

The name Generation Z was chosen since it is the generation after Generation X. Alphabetically Z follows letter Y, consequently after Gen Y came Gen Z.

  1. What is generation X Y Z?

The word generation X Y Z stand for three generations including

  • Generation X (1965 – 1980)
  • Gen Y/Millennials (1981 – 1996)
  • Gen Zers/Generation Z (1997 – 2012)
  1. What are 2010 babies called?

Generation Z

  1. Is Generation X same as Millennials?

No, Generation X precedes Generation Y who are also known as millennials

  1. Why is Generation X also called the lost generation?

As mentioned before, Generation X were born and raised at a time when societal values were changing and there were more divorce cases, dual-income families and single-parent households. This changing value led to lonely children who ended up being rebellious.  Currently in most working environment, millennials interests are often focused on, which leaves Generation x left out.

  1. What defines the millennials

The main things that can clearly define a Millennials generation is that they are the first global generation to grow up in internet age. Most are familiar with technological devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Majority have several social media accounts.

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Conclusion: Generations by Age Range

Knowing Generations by Age Range is vital, as they can reveal comparable attitudes and behaviors among consumers who experienced world events at the same phase. There are similar characteristic in each generation and as a marketer or researcher you can be able to know what to expect from a certain group. However, even with this knowledge it is important to know generations don’t tell the whole story and their behaviors cannot be so easy to study by simple analysis. Whichever generation you are in it important consider personal interest and goals



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