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Safaricom – Customer Care, Masoko, Safaricom Home Fibre, Safaricom Prefixes, Safaricom M-Ledger App, Songa app by Safaricom

Masoko E-Commerce by Safaricom

Masoko from Safaricom has become the latest online shopping platform to enter the Kenyan market. Kenyan online marketing is yet to reach its full potential with many people now accepting the change. Masoko will likely face competition from the already existing shopping platform like OLX, Jumia, Kilimall and others.

Shoppers will now have many platforms to choose from. Masoko Kenya is promising it’s customer a wide variety of products which includes electronics, phone and phone accessories, cosmetics and other goods.

Although only less than 5% of Kenyans shop online, others players have a positive that the market will gradually accept online shopping with continued education and marketing. Masoko is likely to get enough funding from the Safaricom something that may improve its competitiveness.



Masoko e-commerce was launched just fews days before 24 November the official day of Black Friday. On this special offer day different retailers across the globe offer their products at a discount. Masoko will add more offline shoppers to the online platform.
Some of the benefits of shopping online include increased variety of goods, time saving, cost saving and easy and fast delivery.

Since it’s launching, feedback from several users is that it is a good platform although is seems to replicate what is being offered in jumia. To many customers Safaricom Masoko will create more competition some that improves on quality of services offered.

Unlike the competitive advantage it has with Mpesa, Safaricom Masoko has to win customer confidence through good customer service, adequate marketing, product and service reliability.

How to register on Masoko?

Find out How to register on Masoko? Follow these simple steps to register on Masoko.

What is Masoko?

Masoko is an online marketplace that offers you a wide variety of unique items which can be shopped from the comfort of your office, house, or even while on transit. Masoko is also a platform that enables you to sell your products to a diverse market. When you purchase an item on masoko, it is delivered at your doorstep.


How to register on Masoko?

  • To register as a user on Masoko, Go to on your browser
  • Click on “Register” which is on the top right corner of Masoko website.
  • A form will open
  • Fill in your personal information, your name and contact number, create a username with your email address and a password.
  • You will be requested to reconfirm your password.
  • Click to create an account.
  • You can also log into Masoko using other Social media platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Masoko Contacts

Find Masoko Contacts on this page. Masoko is an e-commerce platform by Safaricom that brings together different vendors with quality goods and services to sell to the modern online consumer.

The products being sold on Masoko include Electronics, Baby and Kids, Beauty and Fashion, Books and Stationery, Auto, Supermarket,Tools and so much more.

You can reach Masoko through the below options



Google Plus



Safaricom USSD Codes

Safaricom USSD Codes enables the allows users to access various services without contacting the service provider, All you need is to dial the USSD code on your mobile and the information you need will be displayed on the screen.

Most of the shortcodes normally start with * and end with #. They can be typed into any mobile phone or Smartphone to call up a specific action.


Below are Safaricom USSD Codes that will make your work easier.

Function Request Safaricom Mobile
Access master menus: *126#
Check airtime balance: *144#
Load airtime to your account: *141*scratch-card number#

Safaricom USSD codes

Service Code
Menu *126#
To Balance check *144#
Zidisha *485#
Postpay *100*6#
Data bundles *544#
Bonga pin *126*5#
Okoa Stima *885#
Sim registration *232#


To Top up          – *141*Scratchcard No.#

Check Balance        –   *144#

Self care         –   *100#

Subscribe to data and other services  *544#

Data balance         –  *450*1#

SkizaTunes         –  *811#

Okoa Jahazi        – *131#

Check Okoa Jahazi Balance        – *144*4#

Check bonga points/ redeem bonga points         – *126#

Send please call me         – *130*PhoneNo.#

Sambaza    *140*20*phoneNo.#

Mpesa services          – *234#

Subscribe to Sms bundles          – *188#

Dial 100 for customer care

Safaricom USSD Charges

Safaricom USSD Charges, sometimes sending that USSD request is not free or obtaining the Safaricom USSD code for your service.

Below is Safaricom USSD Charges or Safaricom USSD Prices

Safaricom USSD Prices, USSD Tariff, Safaricom USSD Service Access Fees

Find Safaricom USSD Prices, Safaricom USSD Tariff, Safaricom USSD Service Access Fees Below

Customer fees for USSD access.

Services Safaricom Current Tariff
Financial services tariff Kshs. 1/-
Content tariffs Whole sale Kshs. 1/-
Content tariffs Retail sale Kshs. 1/-

Fees applicable to Content service providers and retail customers

SERVICE OPERATION Current Price Excl. Tax Proposed Price EXcl. Tax
Initial set up Connection fee Wholesale -Kshs.75,000
Retail -Kshs. 100,000
Test bed service Connection to test environment for 30 days Wholesale -Kshs. 25,000
Retail -Kshs. 50,000
Wholesale -Kshs. 5,000
Retail -Kshs. 10,000
Live USSD code on post-pay Customers are NOT charged to access code ( payment is passed to corporate) Deposit
Wholesale : Kshs.19,841
Retail : Kshs. 50,000
Wholesale -Kshs. 25,000
Retail -Kshs. 50,000
Monthly Access Fees
Wholesale –Kshs. 19,841
Retail -Kshs. 50,000
Monthly Access Fees
Wholesale -Kshs. 25,000
Retail -Kshs. 50,000
Live USSD code on pre-pay Customers are charged to access code Deposit
Wholesale -Kshs.100,000
Retail -Kshs. 200,000
Wholesale -Kshs. 25,000
Retail -Kshs. 50,000
Monthly fee
Wholesale -Kshs. 100,000
RetailKshs. 200,000
Monthly Fees
Wholesale -Kshs. 25,000
Retail -Kshs. 50,000
Extension of test bed service To extend the test environment beyond 30 days Wholesale -Kshs. 25,000
RetailKshs. 50,000
Wholesale –Kshs.25,000

Safaricom Prefixes

Find Safaricom Prefixes. Safaricom is a mobile network operator In Kenya. The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has assigned Safaricom the following Safaricom Prefixes.

NB: In Kenya we have the Mobile number portability (MNP) since April 2011, the phone numbers can be ported by the customer to another operator.

Prefix Example
701 +254,701 xxxxxx
702 +254,702 xxxxxx
703 +254,703 xxxxxx
704 +254,704 xxxxxx
705 +254,705 xxxxxx
706 +254,706 xxxxxx
707 +254,707 xxxxxx
708 +254,708 xxxxxx
710 +254,710 xxxxxx
711 +254,711 xxxxxx
712 +254,712 xxxxxx
713 +254,713 xxxxxx
714 +254,714 xxxxxx
715 +254,715 xxxxxx
716 +254,716 xxxxxx
717 +254,717 xxxxxx
718 +254,718 xxxxxx
719 +254,719 xxxxxx
720 +254,720 xxxxxx
721 +254,721 xxxxxx
722 +254,722 xxxxxx
723 +254,723 xxxxxx
724 +254,724 xxxxxx
725 +254,725 xxxxxx
726 +254,726 xxxxxx
727 +254,727 xxxxxx
728 +254,728 xxxxxx
729 +254,729 xxxxxx

Other Safaricom Prefixes



0740 ******


Safaricom Questions and Answers

Searching for Safaricom Questions and Answers. Safaricom is a leading communications company in Kenya with the widest and strongest coverage. The home of the famous Mobile Money service- M-PESA and a leading innovator in mobile service.

Are Safaricom Shops Open on Sundays?

There are some safaricom shops which are open on Sundays while others are closed. Check more details here

Are Safaricom call diverts chargeable?

Call diverts are chargeable. This mostly depends on call duration

How are Safaricom Calls Billed

Safaricom calls are billed per minute. PrePay Calls and SMS Rates are as follows:

Time Band On-net Rate Off-net Rate
08h00-22h00 KSHs.4.00 KSHs.4.00
22h00-08h00 KSHs.2.00 KSHs.2.00

What’s Safaricom Roaming

This is a service provided by Safaricom that enables you to access the same service you subscribe to at home while outside the geographical coverage area of your home network. Services that can be accessed include: Voice, SMS and Data

What Are Safaricom Products?

Safaricom offers a wide range of products and services to its customers. From Internet, phones, laptops, transfer of money; M-pesa,

How do I check my M-TIBA balance? –

To check your M-Tiba balance,

  • Dial *253#
  • Enter your M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN)
  • Select option 2: “My MTIBA” Available products will be displayed along with the available balances

How can I check my co-orporate value pack balance

You will be able to check this by dialing *200#ok

Safaricom Home Fibre

This article looks at Safaricom Home Fibre, What is Safaricom Home Fibre? How Much Safaricom Home Fiber costs or Safaricom Home Fibre packages, How to Access Safaricom Home Fiber and more

What is Safaricom Home Fibre?

Safaricom Home Fibre is a service by Safaricom that allows you to have reliable, fast, and unlimited internet access from the comfort of your home. After you have registered on Safaricom Home Fibre, Safaricom will give you a WiFi router that will enable you to have wireless and LAN internet access.

The service is available in estates that have Safaricom Fiber Infrastructure.

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Safaricom Home Fibre Packages

There are four Safaricom Home Fibre packages designed to meet your everyday work, education, and entertainment needs.  Below are

Package Speed Monthly Cost Validity Period
Bronze 5mbps 2500/- 30 Days
Silver 10mbps 3499/- 30 Days
Gold 20mbps 4999/- 30 Days
Platinum 40mbps 9999/- 30 Days

 What can I expect to do on the various packages?

  1. For only sh2500 monthly for the Bronze Package, you will get access to:
    • Basic web surfing
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Standard Definition (SD) video
    • Moderate speed music and movie downloads
  2. For only sh3499 monthly on the Silver Package, you will get access to:
    • Unlimited Internet Usage
    • Music streaming
    • Media streaming on YouTube
    • Basic Web surfing
    • E-mail
    • Social Media
    • Standard Definition (SD) video
    • Moderate speed music and movie downloads
  3. For only sh4999 monthly on the Gold package, you will get access to:
    • Unlimited Internet Usage
    • High Definition (HD) music streaming
    • E-learning capabilities for online courses
    • High speed web surfing
    • High speed streaming on YouTube
    • High Definition (HD) movies and videos
    • High speed music and movie downloads
    • E-mail
    • Social Media
  4. For only sh9999 monthly on the Platinum package, you will get access to:
    • Unlimited Internet usage
    • High Definition video surveillance
    • Run multiple activities online (streaming video, music, and gaming)
    • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) music streaming
    • Ultra-High speed media streaming on YouTube
    • E-learning capabilities for online courses
    • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) movies and videos
    • Ultra-High speed web surfing
    • E-mail
    • Social Media

 How to Access Safaricom Home Fiber

  • Dial *400#
  • Select Option 1 ( Get Safaricom Home Fiber)
  • Enter the Place you’re currently Living
  • Enter your Estate Name
  • Enter your Nearest Landmark e.g Church, Hospital, School,
  • After you have filled the information a representative from safaricom will contact you.

How to add an additional number to access line 400

  1. Simply dial *400#
  2. Select “Manage your subscriptions”
  3. Select “Existing account”
  4. Select “Manage contact number”
  5. Then “Add contact number”. Please enter number in the format (7xxxxxxxx) then confirm the details.
  6. You will receive an SMS notification confirming the number has been added.

How to Unsubscribe From Safaricom Daily SMS Bundle

Find out How to Unsubscribe From Safaricom Daily SMS Bundle

Step 1: Dial *188#

Step 2: Press ok or call button

Step 3: Select unsubscribe

Step 4: A pop up will appear, which shows Stop SMS bundle 1. Check active SMS bundle 2. Unsubscribe from all

Select the action you would like to perform

That it. You have been unsubscribed from Daily SMS bundle

Safaricom Sub Registration App

Safaricom Sub Registration App is a tool that is used to gather customer details for subscriber registration.

Sometimes it can be tiresome writing all the clients details down on a piece of paper for registration. This app has made work easier.


Safaricom Sub Registration App is developed by Safaricom. For android users you can download it here.

Songa app by Safaricom

Songa app by Safaricom: Do you want to have the latest music in your phone? The best way to download music in your phone is by use of Songa app by Safaricom. You will be able to play music that you like wherever you are.

This is an app that helps you to access and have both international and local music in your phone. Some of the services you will get Songa app by Safaricom include

  1. You can stream and download both local & international music content
  2. Have ability to listen to online radio

Songa app was launched in February 2018 and it is available to all users including in post pay, hybrid and prepaid. The app can only be downloaded in android phone; IOS phone in the moment cannot download this app

What you need to know about Songa app by Safaricom

Songa app charges

To access the app on a daily charges you will pay Kshs 25/=. The weekly charges is Kshs 150/= and monthly charges is Kshs 499/=.Once the subscription period has expired you will need to renew it to have access to your app

You will also need to be connected to the Internet to access the app

Advantages of having Songa app by Safaricom

  • You will be able to create your own music playlist
  • You can share your music playlist through a link with to your friends ib both Whatsapp and SMS.
  • After first time download you will have a period of 2 weeks a trial

Safaricom M-Ledger App

Download Safaricom M-Ledger App Today. The Safaricom M-Ledger is an online service provided by safaricom for individuals and businesses that are using M-PESA.

M-PESA has become an important part in our lives, it has transformed our lives. We use it from receiving salary, payments, buying goods and services, paying bills to settling debts and much more…
As we use M-PESA to carry out more and more transactions, it’s clear that M-PESA is more than just a mobile money transfer platform, but a way of life.


M-Ledger is a FREE android application that converts your phone into a financial journal from your M-PESA transactions.

The M-Ledger downloads your M-PESA History from Safaricom and compares it against your local M-PESA text messages in which it generated detailed record of your transactions including graphs and charts. It gives you the unprecedented view your financial status as seen from M-PESA.

How Does Safaricom M-Ledger app Work?

Once the app is downloaded on your android phone, it will scan all received SMS messages sent by M-PESA for all your transactions and build a database from that information.

Do not worry about any deleted messages. It takes care of everything. Deleted message transaction will also be included.

The Key features of Safaricom M-Ledger App include:

•    Access to your last six months of M-PESA history.
•    List of transactions by person, utility, business, etc.
•    Instant View of your Current M-PESA balance
Universal search facility for Buy Goods, PayBill, Bank USSD Codes and transactions.
•    Recent dashboard displaying most recent transactions.
•    The total transactions by type; i.e. Airtime, PayBill, etc.
•    The top twenty list of people you send and receive M-PESA.
•    The total amount of money sent by day, month and year.
•    Export of transactions to Excel.
•    Automatic Backup and Restore of your transactions
•    Calculate M-PESA transaction costs
•    Various charts and graphs

And so much more…

Find it here  for android Users

Download the Safaricom M-Ledger app today for free from the Google Play Store or Safaricom App Store.

M-Ledger is very secure. M-Ledger’s data on your phone cannot be accessed by any other app. It also has an inbuilt PIN protection feature which you can enable. Every time you open the app you will be prompted to enter a secret PIN which is different from your m-pesa pin.

Safaricom Dealer Portal

Searching for Safaricom Dealer Portal or Safaricom Dealer Portal Login? You are on the right page. A Safaricom Dealer is a person who sells on behalf of a company or organization.

Safaricom Dealer Portal

Safaricom is a leading mobile network operator in Kenya. The company was formed in 1997 and its headquarters are located in Safaricom House, along Waiyaki Way in Westlands, Nairobi.

Safaricom Dealers help in distributing products and services across the country.

Safaricom Dealer Portal Login

To log into the Safaricom Dealer Portal you can find it here

Safaricom Customer Care Number

Find Safaricom Customer Care Number below. Safaricom is one of the companies in Kenya that has the best customer care service. In this article we are going to highlight the office, email, location and phone contact numbers that you can use to contact Safaricom Customer Care.

If you are a Safaricom customer, at one time you might have encountered a challenge and you urgently need to contact Safaricom customer care. With the Safaricom Customer Care Number you can inquire or get help about mshwari loan, mpesa, data bundles, your airtime, paybill number, simcard registration, and much more.

Sometimes over 80% of the customer complaints or issues can be solved by themselves since Safaricom have provided a selfcare platform where customers can follow the instructions or guides provided to solve any issue that might arise.

Safaricom has customer care services or offices that are spread across major towns within the country.

You can reach Safaricom customer care using the below means.

Safaricom website –

The official Safaricom website is If you want to visit the website click on this link:

Safaricom Customer Care Number and Contacts

Safaricom Number: 0722 000000

Safaricom Customer Care Online Support Team

Safaricom Twitter Account: @Safaricom_Care  and @SafaricomLtd
Safaricom Facebook Page:

Safaricom Prepaid Customer Care Number

Call: 100 (free) or 0722 002100 (Chargeable)

Safaricom Postpaid Customer Care Number

Call: 200 (free) or 0722 002200 (Chargeable)

Safaricom Contacts- Safaricom Data Queries


Safaricom Contacts: Safaricom Business

Safaricom Customer Care, Contacts and Website


Safaricom Limited Contacts

P.O. Box 66827, 00800 Nairobi
Telephone: +254 20 427 3272 / 0722 00 3272

Safaricom Foundation Contacts and Website

Safaricom House
P0 Box 66827-00800
Nairobi Kenya