Githunguri Dairy Sacco

Githunguri Dairy Sacco Ltd or GDC Sacco Ltd was established and registered in the year 2003 As a Back Office Service Activity (BOSA). It was started by 428 Members with an initial share capital of Kshs.992, 046.00 as at 31st December 2003.

It opened the Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) in the year 2006.

Githunguri Dairy Sacco Location

The head office is situated in Githunguri town GDC SACCO plaza, opposite main market; It has six networked branches that are Githiga branch which is located at Githiga shopping centre near the chief’s camp, Kigumo branch located at Kigumo shopping centre, Ikinu branch located at Ikinu shopping centre along Nairobi Githunguri road, Kwa Maiko branch at Kwa Maiko shopping centre and Mai Mahiu Branch located at Mai Mahiu town along the market street.

Githunguri Dairy Sacco Branches

The Githunguri Dairy Sacco Ltd branches are

  • Ikinu Branch
  • Githiga Branch
  • Kigumo Branch
  • Kwamaiko Branch
  • Maai Mahiu Branch

Githunguri Dairy Sacco Paybill

Githunguri Dairy Sacco Paybill No is 639498

GDC Sacco Jobs

Looking for a job at Githunguri Dairy Sacco, Visit their website for the current job offers

Githunguri Dairy & Community Sacco Society Ltd Contacts

Head Office
GDC Sacco Society Limited
P.O Box: 896-00216, GITHUNGURI.
Tel: 020-2015366
Mobile No: 0723-400611

Tel: 020-8098098
Mbile No: 0701-525837

Tel: 020-2608369
Mobile No:

Tel: 20-2416775
Mobile No: 0707383203

Tel: 020-2322398
Mobile No: 0704401338

Tel: 0412247118
Mobile No: 0795615350