NYS: NYS Kenya or National Youth Service (NYS) in Kenya is a government program that offers vocational training to the youths. NYS empowers the youth by instilling a sense of self-worth and patriotism.

Since it’s established in 1964, NYS has provided training in various tasks such as disaster response in Kenya, service in the Kenya armed forces as well as Kenya’s national reconstruction programs. Until the 1980’s enrolment into the National Youth Service in Kenya was compulsory for Kenyan high school graduates. However, rules became a bit hassle-free, and it was no longer compulsory to enroll in the National Youth Service in Kenya after the 1980s.


NYS Kenya

Who qualifies to join NYS?

To join the National Youth Service College, NYS College, applicants should be between 18 and 22 years of age, have scored at least D+ in KCSE, a D+ in English and be unmarried. In order to be admitted in some of the specific courses a higher KCSE mean grade is required

What happens after one qualifies?

The successful applicants undergo five to seven months’ basic training at the NYS College The aim is to produce mature and responsible young citizens. After the six months of training and graduation, the National Youth Service servicemen and women are be put in charge of Huduma Youth every six months in dam construction, road construction, vector control, slum civil works, Huduma kitchens service, constabulary and agriculture.

When is NYS recruitment conducted?

Recruitment is conducted after adequate advertisement and announcement in the local newspapers and government website (Ministry of Planning and Devolution).Its therefore advisable to constantly check for the advertisement.

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How many NYS branches are there in Kenya?

There several NYS branches in Kenya. They include the following

1. NYS Engineering Institute Nairobi
2. NYS Institute of Business Studies Nairobi
3. NYS Engineering Craft Training School Nairobi
4. NYS Vocational Training Institute and Driving School Nairobi
5. NYS Technical College Mombasa
6. NYS Advanced Building School Gilgil
7. NYS Early Childhood Education Centre Gilgil
8. NYS School of Agriculture Yatta
9. NYS Plant Operators and Mechanics School Yatta
10. NYS Rural Craft Training Centre Turbo
11. NYS on the job Training School Kerio Valley
12. NYS on the job Training School Tana Basin
13. NYS Technical Training Institute Naivasha

What courses can I pursue in NYS Colleges?

ICT Courses

Diploma in Computer Science (Computer Science)
Diploma in Information Technology (Information Technology)

Engineering courses

Diploma in Electronics (Electronics)
Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering (Telecommunication Engineering)
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – Fabrication Technology and Metallurgy()
Diploma in Engineering Skills (Engineering Skills)
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Diploma in Electronics Engineering (Electronics Engineering)
Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Certificate in Electrical Installation (Electrical Installation)
Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering (Electrical Power Engineering)
Certificate in Electrical Repair and Installation (Electrical Repair and Installation)
Certificate in Electronics (Electronics)
Certificate in Electronics Engineering (Electronics Engineering)
Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Automotive Engineering)

Business courses

Diploma in Supplies Management (Supplies Management)
Diploma in Front Office Operations (Front Office Operations)
Certificate in Typing (Copy Typist)
Certificate in Supplies Management (Supplies Management)
Certificate in Secretarial Studies (Secretarial Studies)
Certificate in Front Office Operations (Front Office Operations)

Hotel & catering courses

Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management (Catering and Hotel Management)
Diploma in Catering and Accommodation (Catering and Accommodation)
Certificate in Catering and Accommodation (Catering and Accommodation)
Certificate in Catering and Hotel Management (Catering and Hotel Management)

Courses in clothing and design

Diploma in Clothing Technology (Clothing Technology)
Tailoring & Dress Making

Accountancy courses

Certified Public Accountant Part I-III
Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC)

Artisan courses

Artisan Certificate in Masonry (Masonry)
Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanic (Motor Vehicle Mechanic)
Artisan Certificate in Electrical Installation (Electrical Installation)
Artisan in Welding and Fabrication (Welding and Fabrication)

Driving Courses

Driving plant operators (Driving)
Motor vehicle driving (Driving)

What career can I venture into after training?

Heavy vehicles truck drivers.
Machinery operators: loaders, excavators, bulldozers.
Carpenters and masonry
Lab technicians
Accountants & Auditors
Receptionist & Secretary
Self Employment
Hotel supervisors
Procurement officer
Computer specialist