Life Expectancy in Kenya

Life Expectancy in Kenya: The life expectancy of men and women in Kenya has increased over the years. However the life expectancy of women in Kenya is usually slightly higher than that of men.

A report by KPHC in 2009 showed that at birth there are slightly more boys than girls but as years go by the statistics changes to have more female that male.

Number in thousands of men and women over different age group in Kenya.

Age-group      Female           Male

0-4                   3,526               3,582

3-5                   2,077               2,118

6-13                 4,668               4,749

14-17               1,965               2,051

15-19               2,380               2,456

15-34               8,340               7,923

15-64               12,735             1 2,302

15-49               11,343             1 0,929

65 & above      798                  677

Source: 2009 KPHC Analytical Report on Population Projections, 2012

What makes Kenyan men have a slightly lower life expectancy than women?

The important question that often lingers in mind is what makes more women reach adult life and elderly life than men? In Kenya the boy child has faced a lot of challenges including early exposure of drug abuse, especially illegal alcohol, something that has led to many early deaths for our Kenyan men.

Another reason that leads to the difference of number of women and men over years is that more men end up in crime life. Some are killed by the police and others through mob justice. In rare cases do women involve in crimes that endanger their lives.

Kenyan women generally face more hardship than men throughout their life. As result there have been many initiatives that cater for the needs of the girl child. On the other hand the boy child has been neglected for the longest time. This has affected ways in which men are able to face the challenges that come to them.

Below is graph showing the life expectancy of men and women in Kenya versus that of life expectancy of women in Kenya

Life expectancy of men and women in Kenya