KRA PIN Checker

KRA PIN checker is a platform on iTax where you can check the validity of any pin that could be on an invoice, contract, receipt, etc.

A pin is required in many places and sometimes it is not easy to tell its validity by a simple glance. It is in this regard that KRA PIN checker came with other online services offered by the taxman.

It is very important to verify a PIN especially if you are registered for VAT, this will ensure that when you are claiming the VAT in a receipt given to you, the PIN is valid to avoid paying for the same twice. Currently, KRA has been validating many of the invoices that have claimed taxes before and many have been found invalid. This has prompted many tax payers to become keen on the PIN number of the person they are buying or selling goods to. You do not want to get a call from KRA claiming that you did not declare taxes claimed by someone else on your PIN.

Previously shrewd business owners have been using an invalid PIN to charge VAT only for the person claiming the VAT to realize the error when it is too late. So be sure to validate a PIN when doing business with new clients

So how do you verify the PIN of another person or company?

Well it is very easy to validate a PIN, below we have looked at steps on how to validate PIN on KRA pin checker

How to verify a PIN on KRA PIN checker? – itax KRA pin Checker

1.Visit iTax:

2. Click on the link below PIN checker



3. After you click on the link you will enter the pin you wish to verify and answer the simple arithmetic security stamp question and click confirm

KRA Pin-Checker


4. The KRA pin checker will give you a feedback in regard to the name registered under the PIN, the location of the business or the person, the status on iTax, the date which income tax or any other tax was registered and the postal address.

5. If the PIN is invalid the system will notify but if the PIN is valid but inactive you will see the result. A PIN could be valid but not active on iTax this means the owner has never activated his iTax page.

The above simple steps can save you a lot of time and errors of paying wrong taxes to the wrong PIN.

How to Check if Your KRA PIN is Registered on iTax

Want to know if your PIN is Registered on iTax. See Steps on How to Check if Your KRA PIN is Registered on iTax.

1. Open the KRA portal/website:

2. Select the icon named itax



3. On iTax Online eServices you will see, PIN Checker, To verify PIN, Click Here


4. Click on PIN Checker to Verify

Try login using your pin number.

5. If your PIN is registered you will be given an opportunity to fill in your password. As indicated below


6. If your PIN is not registered on iTax you will get a request to do so as indicated below.