County Secondary Schools in Nakuru County

County Secondary Schools in Nakuru County: Nakuru county is one the place you will find many secondary schools. The majority of these schools are public, but also there are private schools. The best schools in the region are led by the national schools, then extra county schools, followed by county and finally sub-county schools.
Below is the list of County Secondary Schools in Nakuru County.

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County Secondary Schools in Nakuru County

County Secondary Schools in Nakuru County

Gilgil girls high school                                                    Boarding Girls

Coulson Girls secondary school                                 Boarding Girls

Siwot Girls High School                                                  Boarding Girls

Kipkoris Girls Secondary                                               Boarding Girls

Karirikania Secondary school                                     Day

Silibwet Secondary                                                         Day

Olenguruone Secondary School                                                Mixed Boarding

Emitik Girls                                                                        Boarding Girls

Cheptuech Secondary School                                     Boarding Boys

South Moi Amalo sec                                                     Mixed Boarding

PCEA Kambala girls high school                                 Boarding Girls

Magereza Academy (public school)                         Boarding Boys

East Maria veronica girls                                              Boarding Girls

Dundori sec school                                                         Mixed Boarding

Bridgewater Girls’High School                                    Boarding Girls

Mama Ngina Kenyatta Secondary school                Mixed Boarding

Extra County Schools in Nakuru County

There are a good number of secondary schools in Nakuru county. The extra county schools in this county were referred to as the provincial schools in Nakuru. In addition, some were upgraded from the county schools based on their good performance.

School Name                                                                                     Type      Cluster

Cluster 1

Jomo Kenyatta boys high school                                                boys      C1

St. Bakhita Bahati girls secondary school                                 girls        C1

Jomo Kenyatta girls high school                                                 girls        C1

Naivasha Girls secondary school                                                girls        C1

Koelel secondary school                                                                boys      C1

Naivasha High school                                                                      boys      C1

Njoro boys high school                                                                   boys      C1

Njoro girls’ secondary school                                                      girls        C1

Mary mount secondary school                                                   girls        C1

Molo academy                                                                                  boys      C1


Cluster 2

Lake Naivasha girls secondary school                                       girls        C2

Michinda secondary school                                                          boys      C2

Solai boys’ secondary school                                                       boys      C2

AIC morop girls’ secondary school                                             girls        C2

Kirobon girls secondary school                                                   girls        C2

Kirobon boys’ high school                                                             boys      C2

Larmudiac secondary school                                                        mixed   C2


Cluster 3

Keringet secondary school                                                           mixed   C3

Bahati PCEA secondary school                                                    girls        C3

Maai-Mahiu boys secondary school                                          boys      C3

Maai-mahiu girls secondary school                                           girls        C3

Elburgon secondary school                                                          mixed   C3


Best performing Extra County Schools in Nakuru County

In addition to the national schools in Nakuru below are the best secondary schools in Nakuru.

Jomo Kenyatta boys high school

Naivasha Girls secondary school

Molo Academy

Naivasha High school

St. Bakhita Bahati girls secondary school

Jomo Kenyatta girls high school


National schools in Nakuru county

Nakuru Girls

Utumishi Academy