Extra County Schools in Kirinyaga County

Extra County Schools in Kirinyaga County: Kirinyaga County has some of Kenya’s Best Extra County Secondary schools. As you will note, most of these schools were previously classified as provincial schools. They range from schools in clusters 1, 2, and 3.

These schools are boys’ only schools, girls’ only schools, and a few mixed schools. If your child has got admission to one of these schools, you can be assured it is a good school.

Extra County Schools in Kirinyaga County

School Code       Name of the School                        Type

09203401            Kerugoya Boys High School          Boys

09203402            Kerugoya Girls High School           Girls

09203403            Kamuiru Boys Sec Boys                  Boys

09203404            Ngaru Girls                                          Girls

09203405            Mutira Girls Sec Girls                      Girls

09203427            Njega Boys                                          Boys

09222104            Mugumo Girls                                    Girls

09222201            Kianyaga Boys                                    Boys

09222202            St. Mary Karumandi Boys              Boys

09222204            St.Bakhita Kiburia Girls                   Girls

09222301            Ngiriambu Girls                                                 Girls

09222303            Kiamutugu Boys                                Boys

09223103            Kiburu Boys                                        Boys

09223105            Kiaragana Girls                                  Girls

09223202            Kiine Girls                                            Girls

09223204            Mukangu Boys                                   Boys

09224201            Karoti Girls                                          Girls

09239105            St. Marys Mwea Girls                      Girls

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Best Secondary Schools in Kirinyaga County

If you want to know the Top schools in Kirinyaga, below we have looked at the best schools based on previous KCSE results

Kabare Girls

Baricho Boys

Kerugoya Boys High School

Kerugoya Girls High School

Kianyaga Boys

Mutira Girls Sec Girls

Ngiriambu Girls

National Schools in Kirinyaga County

Currently there are 2 national schools in this county .

Kabare Girls

Baricho Boys

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