County Secondary Schools in Kajiado County

County Secondary Schools in Kajiado County:  Kajiado County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Kajiado find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Kajiado County

Elerai Mck Girls Secondary School                           Boarding Girls

Enkorika Secondary School                                         Boarding Boys

Ewuaso Girls Boarding Sch                                          Boarding Girls

Ilbissil Girls School                                                          Boarding Girls

Ilkisonko Secondary School                                        Boarding Boys

Iloodokilani Secondary School                                 Mixed Boarding

Kimana Girls Sec.                                                            Boarding Girls

Kisaju Mixed Secondary School                                 Mixed Boarding

Maparasha                                                                        Mixed Boarding

Mashuuru Boys’ Secondary School                         Boarding Boys

Meto Mixed Sec Sch                                                     Mixed Boarding

Namelok Secondary.                                                      Mixed  Boarding And Day

Ngatataek Secondary School                                      Mixed Boarding

Nkoile Boys High School                                               Boarding Boys

Oloyiankalani Girls Sec School                                   Boarding Girls

Patterson Memorial                                                       Mixed Boarding

Pcea Ingarooj                                                                   Boarding Boys

Pcea Kimuka Girls Secondary School                       Boarding Girls

Sajiloni Girls Secondary School.                                                Boarding Girls

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Sub- County Secondary Schools in Kajiado County

Baraka Oontoyie Secondary School                         Girls

Colin Davies Secondary School                                   Mixed

Elerai Mck Girls Secondary School                             Girls

Emani Senior School                                                       Mixed

Enkorika Secondary School                                          Boys

Entarara Sec                                                                      Mixed

Ewuaso Girls Secondary Boarding School               Girls

Ilbissil Girls Sec School                                                   Girls

Ilkisonko Secondary School                                          Mixed

Illasit Secondary School                                                 Mixed

Iloodokilani Secondary School                                   Mixed

Isinya Mdti                                                                          Mixed

Kaputiei Secondary School                                          Mixed

Kibiko Secondary School                                              Mixed

Kikelelwa Secondary School                                         Mixed

Kiluani Newlife Secondary School                             Boys

Kiserian Mixed Day Secondary School                      Mixed

Kuku Secondary School                                                  Mixed

Loodariak Secondary School                                        Mixed

Magadi Secondary School                                             Mixed

Mashuuru Secondary School                                      Boys

Merrueshi Maasai High School                                  Mixed

Meto Secondary School                                                 Mixed

Najile Boys Secondary School                                      Boys

Namanga Mixed Day Secondary School                  Mixed

Nkaimurunya Mixed Day Secondary School           Mixed

Nkoile Boys Day Secondary School                            Boys

Olchorro Secondary School                                          Mixed

Olekasasi Mixed Day Secondary School                   Mixed

Olkeri Secondary School                                                                Mixed

Oloolua Secondary School                                            Mixed

Olooseos Secondary School                                         Girls

Oloyiankalani Mixed Day Secondary School          Mixed

Olturoto Secondary School                                          Mixed

P.C.E.A Ngong Hills Secondary                                    Mixed

Paterson Memorial Secondary School                     Mixed

PCEA Ilngarooj Boys Secondary School                    Boys

PCEA Kimuka Girls Sec. School                                   Girls

PCEA Upper Matasia Sec                                               Mixed

Rombo Girls’ Boarding Sec                                           Girls

Sajiloni Girls Secondary School                                   Girls

Thomas Fish Secondary School                                   Mixed

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