Extra County Schools in Kajiado County

Extra County Schools in Kajiado County: Kajiado County has some of Kenya’s Best Extra County Secondary schools. As you will note, most of these schools were previously classified as provincial schools. They range from schools in clusters 1, 2, and 3.

These are public secondary schools in Kajiado county are boys’ only schools, girls’ only schools, and a few mixed schools. If your child has got admission to one of these schools, you can be assured it is a good school.

Extra County Schools in Kajiado County

Cluster 1

Nakeel Secondary School                                              Boys      C1

Noonkopir Girls Secondary School                            Girls       C1

Olkejuado High School                                                   Boys      C1

Oloitokitok Secondary School                                     Boys      C1

Cluster 3

Enoomatasiani Girls Secondary School                    Girls       C3

Kiluani Newlife Secondary School                             Boys      C3

Najile Boys Secondary School                                      Boys      C3

Olooseos Secondary School                                         Girls       C3 

Best Secondary Schools in Kajiado County

Moi Girls Isinya

Nakeel Secondary School

Noonkopir Girls Secondary School

Olkejuado High School

Oloitokitok Secondary School

Oloolaiser Boys

National Schools in Kajiado County

Oloolaiser Boys

Moi Girls Isinya