The New Curriculum/Education system in Kenya

 The New Curriculum/Education system in Kenya: In 2017 education cabinet secretary announced the pilot enrollment of a new curriculum in some schools. What The New Curriculum Education System in Kenya will include. The New Curriculum will include 2 years in pre-primary and 6 years in primary. After primary school students will … Read more

KASNEB Examination Centres

Find KASNEB Examination Centres below, select a centre that you are comfortable with or near you. The following are the proposed examination centres for ATD, DCM, CPA, CS, CIFA and CCP examinations: KASNEB Examination Centres in Nairobi Code                     Name 111         –             Starehe Boys’ Centre and School 117         –             Carlile College (Jogoo Road) 118         –             St. … Read more

Grading System in Kenya

Looking for Grading System in Kenya? Find the Grading System in Kenya below for KCSE and University and most Most Common colleges Grading System in Kenya University Grading System in Kenya Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade A 70.00 – 100.00 First Class Honours A B 60.00 – 69.00 Second Class Honours (Upper) A- C … Read more

How to excel in Mathematics

Our article today looks at How to excel in Mathematics. A number of students complain that the subjects involve symbols, equations and Formula. Below are some of the tips that can be applied to assist in improving the mathematics grades How to excel in Mathematics Listen to teacher and concentrate in class It’s possible to … Read more

Best Degree Courses in Kenya

Best Degree Courses in Kenya: Looking for Best Degree Courses in Kenya. Below are the top marketable degree courses in Kenya that you can take. Best Degree Courses in Kenya Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery This degree is vital for any country, it produces doctors who ensure people remain healthy. Doctors play a vital role … Read more

Kenya Secondary School Subjects Grouping

Looking for Kenya Secondary School Subjects Grouping. Find KCSE subject groups below Kenya Secondary School Subjects Grouping OPTION A GROUP I ENGLISH               COMPULSORY KISWAHILI             COMPULSORY        Three (3) Compulsory Subjects MATHEMATICS      COMPULSORY GROUP II AT LEAST TWO BIOLOGY         At least two (2) Subjects PHYSICS CHEMISTRY GROUP … Read more