Mukurweini Technical Training Institute – Courses, Fees Structure, Admission Requirements, Application Form, and Contacts.

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Mukurweini Technical Training Institute

Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute is a training organisation which provides a high quality, flexible learning environment.

Courses Offered at Mukurweini Technical Training Institute

Take a look at the courses offered at Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute and find one that meets your needs.
Find Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute courses offered:-

1. Diploma in Information communication Technology (KNEC)
2. Cert in Information communication Technology (KNEC)
3. Diploma in Building Technology(KNEC)
4. Diploma in Civil Engineering (KNEC)

5. Cert in Masonry (KNEC)
6. Cert in Plumbing (TEP) (KNEC)
7. Artisan in Masonry (KNEC)
8. Artisan in Plumbing (KNEC)
9. Artisan in Carpentry and Joinery (KNEC)

10. Dip in Business management (KNEC)
11. Cert in Business management (KNEC)
12. Dip in Sales and Marketing (KNEC)
13. Cert in Sales and Marketing (KNEC)

14. Dip in Human Resource (KNEC)
15. Cert in Human Resource (KNEC)
16. Dip in Supply chain management (KNEC)


The college offers other courses apart from the ones mentioned above
Contact the institution using the below details for more information

Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute  Contacts

P.O. Box 23-10103