Extra County Schools in Murang’a County

Extra County Schools in Murang’a County: Across Muranga County you will find many good schools. Below list of extra schools is made up of schools that were previously referred to as provincial schools and others were in the list of district schools. These schools are either in clusters 1,2 or 3

There are other schools in Muranga under the county and sub-county schools.

Extra County Schools in Murang’a County

Extra County Schools in Murang’a County

Mumbi girls’ high school                                                               C1

Kamahuha girls high school                                                          C1

Githumu high school                                                                       C1

Ng’araria girls secondary school                                                 C1

Naaro high school                                                                            C1

Gaichanjiru high school                                                                  C1

Githunguri girls high school                                                          C1

Ruchu girls secondary school                                                      C1

Njiiri school                                                                                        C1

Njumbi high school                                                                          C1

Gitugi girls high school                                                                   C1

Kiria-ini girls secondary school                                                    C1

Kangema high school                                                                      C1

Gatanga girls’ secondary school                                                 C1

Kirwara secondary school                                                             C1

Kahuhia girls’ high school                                                              C1

Weithaga boys secondary                                                            C1

Kiaguthu boys secondary school                                                C1


Nginda girl’s secondary school                                                    C2

Kigumo bendera high school                                                       C2

Kirogo secondary school                                                               C2

Gituru secondary school                                                               C2


Makuyu secondary school                                                            C3

St. charles lwanga secondary school – karimamwaro        C3

Kianderi girls secondary school                                                  C3

Nyagatugu secondary school                                                       C3

Kibutha girls secondary school                                                    C3

Makuyu girls secondary school                                                   C3

Ichagaki boys high school                                                              C3

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Best Secondary Schools in Murang’a County

The top schools in Murang’a county in most years KCSE results include

Kahuhia Girls Secondary School

Njiiri School

Kiaguthu Boys Secondary School

Mugoiri Girls Secondary School

Mumbi girls’ high school

Muranga High School

Kamahuha girls high school

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