Marketable Degree and the skills in the market

Looking for Marketable Degree courses and the skills in the market. Today we are going to loot at top marketable degree courses in Kenya that you can take.

Marketable Degree courses and the skills in the market

Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision Sciences

Training in Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision Sciences aims to produce graduates who are not only proficient in the art and science of eye care, but also with an outstanding know-how of the business of vision care in a wider perception. One becomes an eye specialist and can work in both private hospital, public hospital or venture in self employment by offering services required by the society.

Some of the skills gained include:

  • Examine client’s eyes,
  • Prescribe optical aids in the form of spectacles, contact lenses amongst others.
  • Full eye examination routine.

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Sports Science

A graduate with this degree is able to work in the field of sports and health. Some of the employment opportunity include: cardiac therapy, corporate health advisors, health promotion, Sport science support, coaching, sport development. Self employment is another option where one can start a fitness centre or offer consultancy services

Among the skills learned include

  • Coaching development and analysis
  • Design fitness methods
  • Sports development and implementation
  • Design and implement health promotion

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Conservation

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Conservation enables a graduate to become a specialist in conservation and management of environmental resources. One can venture in career such as Ecologist, Ecosystem Management Technician, Pollution Control Technologist, Recreation Director, Soil Conservation Analyst, Wildlife Manager e.t.c

Skills required in the market

  • Ability to characterize and analyse environment, resource or system
  • Skills to predict change over time in environment, resource or system
  • Evaluation and interpretation of data to come up with appropriate policies
  • Ability to operate scientific equipment and perform experiments that improve environmental resources
  • Develop adequate measure to conserve the environment

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Biotechnology

Students who graduate with this degree are able to start career in agriculturally-related businesses and government agencies

Technical skills required in the market

  • Skills in molecular biology, plant and microbial genetics,
  • Plant and animal breeding,
  • Animal cellular and food pathogens
  • Pest control.
  • Biological knowledge and skills for scientific challenges associated with environmental agriculture and medical problems in the society.

Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Human Nutrition is important subject that affect every community. Experts in this area become Nutrition specialist who helps solve health and nutritional problems associated with food and nutrition at individual, family and community levels

Skills required in the market

  • Health protection
  • prevention of disease,
  • human nutrition and diet
  • Diagnosis of nutrition deficiency
  • Comprehend regulations related to food packaging and food additives.
  • Basic concepts of medical nutrition therapy for the different chronic and rare metabolic diseases into practical menu planning application.

Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Biofuel Technology

Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Biofuel Technology prepare students for the challenges of designing, promoting and implementing renewable energy engineering in Kenya & the world at large. The course provides highly skilled manpower with wide range of academic and practical skills focused on enhancing renewable energy and biofuel technology. One can become an energy consultant, energy auditors, field engineers, renewable energy inspector.

Skills require in:

  • Geothermal resources,
  • Hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power and others.
  • System integration for renewable energy
  • Design components & subsystems etc
  • Develop reliable energy resources

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

The objective of Mechanical Engineering curriculum is to provide students with the necessary training and education to become professionals in various manufacturing, profit-making, consulting, and governmental organizations. Some of the careers that one can get into include Manufacturing and Production Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Management Consultant, Design Engineer, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineer, Materials Engineer, Power Engineer, specialist in Robotics Engineer and Tool & Maintenance Engineer.

Some skills required

  • Research and create designs,
  • Develop tools and processes,
  • Conduct tests for engines, machines, and other mechanical devices
  • Automatic control
  • Machine design, vibration, and check for strength of materials.
  • Product design and manufacturing of various consumer and industrial items tools
  • Design of mechanical systems for heating and cooling;

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Chemistry

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Chemistry develops graduates who are skilled in field of Chemistry. Some of the careers that one can venture into include pharmaceutical, minerals,  cosmetics, beverage production and agriculture, paint chemist Product developer Quality controller, Government research and monitoring, technical sales, industrial chemistry, etc.

Some of skills learned
•    Chemistry practical skills,
•    Analytical thinking
•    Food chemistry techniques
•    Environmental chemistry etc

Bachelor of Engineering in Building and Civil

Every country and economy requires development of structures be it bridges, schools, hospitals, towers and others. A graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering in Building and Civil can pursues a career in building and construction industry or research industry.
Some of the skills gained
•    Building of structures
•    Geotechnique and engineering survey
•    Building project planning
•    Construction management etc

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics

Graduates with a degree of Electrical and electronics engineers can venture in a career in electrical power engineering, telecommunication engineering, instrumentation and automation engineering

Skills gained
•    Design, construction and project management of power generation
•    Automation and factory control
•    Electronic systems and devices
•    Design of Integrated circuit

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Information Engineering

Telecommunication engineering students will be able to venture in careers such as Telecommunication designer, Telecommunication Network engineer, Telecommunication
Skills acquired
•    optical, cellular & computer communication
•    signal processing
•    microprocessor design
•    digital signal processing
•    tele-traffic engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

The Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (BCST) will prepare graduates to work at the information technology industry. Prospective careers include Database manager, Programmer, Software engineer, Computer Security Officer, Computer forensic etc

Skill acquired
•    Design of network systems
•    computer maintenance
•    data structures, algorithms & database design
•    object oriented programming,
•    database management systems
•    computer security
•    human-computer interface
•    client-server systems
•    computer graphics

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology prepares students to be IT specialist who are able to perform installation, process, development, maintenance and administration of computer applications. With IT skills one is able to assist individuals and organizations in solving problems using information technology techniques. Some of professions one can get into are Application developer, Web developer, Database & Network administrator, Web administrator, System analyst etc.

Skill acquired in
•    Operating Systems
•    Computer Networks
•    Software maintenance
•    Structured Programming,
•    Object-Oriented Programming,
•    Data Structures and algorithms,
•    Computer Graphics.
•    Electronic commerce
•    Artificial Intelligence.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science course prepares graduates to be skilled in designing, writing and developing computer programs and computer networks. Prospective careers in this field are software engineer, network engineer, specialist in computer animation, Video game developer, artificial intelligence specialist etc

Skills acquired
•    designing and building software;
•    developing efficient ways to solve computing problems e.g. improve computer networks

•    Devising new and better ways of using computers to address new challenges in areas such as robotics, animation and digital forensics.
•    artificial intelligence
•    computer graphics
•    distributed computing systems
•    neural systems
•    parallel computing systems

Bachelor of commerce

Bachelor of commerce is a programme that is designed to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills. One can specialize or major in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human resource, Business law, Applied finance and Finance, Information systems and management etc. One can work as a
•    Financial analyst
•    Banker
•    Investment advisor
•    Accountant
•    Human resource officer
•    Sales manager etc

Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics

There is growing demand of mechatronics in every economy, Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics aims at equipping students with the ability of modern manufacturing engineering which combines computing, mechanics and electronics,. Graduate with this degree are able to development and design of machines or elegant products including efficient washing machine, automated robots, automated wheelchairs and hybrid automobiles
Career Opportunities
A graduate with Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics can work in the following industries
•    Manufacturing
•    Gas and oil mining
•    Robotics
•    Aerospace
•    Automobile
•    Aviation.

Bachelor of Film and Animation

At the end of four years a graduate with these degree develops production skills and is able to operate in creative media activities such as film, video and animation. Students gain knowledge in areas such as concept development, 3D graphic design, film editing, multi media authoring, screen writing, camera operation, production management, sound design etc.
Prospective Career Opportunities
•    film animation
•    advertising
•    e-learning
•    Television production
•    Film maker
•    Script editors

Bachelor of Mass Communication

Bachelor of Mass Communication equips students with knowledge in advertising, journalism, media and communication, public relations and entertainment. At end of four years students are able to study, examine, interpret, assess and present information adequately through a range of communication channels..
Employment opportunities
•    Advertising or marketing specialist
•    Copy writer
•    Media planner & media buyer
•    Creative writers
•    News editors or publishers
•    Public relations specialists/managers
•    Corporate affairs managers.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Bachelor of Science in physics broadens knowledge of students in principal of physics in a wide range of areas encompassing all science, technology and engineering fields. Physics enables student to study the law of nature through experiments, analysis and creativity.
Career Opportunities
•    meteorology,
•    environmental monitoring,
•    energy production,
•    telecommunications,
•    computing
•    Research
•    Education

Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies

A graduate with a Bachelor in purchasing and supply can work in areas of purchasing and supply in public and private sectors. Some of the area specializes include e-procurement, logistics in purchasing, international purchasing, supply chain management etc
Career Opportunities
•    Procurement officer
•    Logistics manager

Bachelor of Science (Economics and Statistics)

Bachelor of Science (Economics and Statistics) trains professional economists and statisticians. Students are equipped with analytical skills in economics and statistics.
Careers Opportunities
•    Economic analyst
•    Statisticians in both public and private sector
•    Research officer

Bachelor of Psychology

This degree produces professional psychologists in the field of social and human services. At the end of the course the students are able to understand human behavior and character
Career/ Employment fields
•    Case management,
•    Criminal justice services,
•    Career counseling,
•    Educational counselor,
•    Forensic & health psychologist
•    Teaching
•    Research

Bachelor of Agribusiness Management

Degree produces specialist in the field of Agriculture and social sciences.
Career/ Employment fields
•    The agro-industry sectors
•    Self employed in agricultural sectors
•    Farm manager
•    Crop specialist etc