How to pass KNEC KCSE

Are you a student waiting to do your KCSE this year? Are you wondering how to pass KNEC KCSE? Well below we have tried to give some of the point you can follow to achieve the best.

Involve your teacher

Passing KCSE is not as hard as many students put it. Once in form four teachers are willing to ehple as much as they can. The only problem with student is that they fear or they are not open with their teachers as they should. This year as you revise for your exam don’t forget to have good relationship with your teacher. Teachers are experienced and they have seen numerous KCSE exams so they are likely to help you.

Go an extra mile

Even after involving the teachers, students need to put extra effort. Going an extra mile means you do your own research, revise your note in advance as much as you can and try to think of how you can answer a question n in using different ways. Don’t just cram or meditate what has been taught in class, think outside the box. Use your lecture note to develop questions and try and answer them. Going an extra mile mean you start early enough or you will be caught up with time. Students in Top performing schools like Kenya High ensure they complete their syllabus before the teacher so as to ensure easier comprehension once the teacher handles the subject.

Review previous years marking scheme

Having the ability to do KCSE and pass with flying colors requires you understand what the examiners requires. As you revise and review other past papers are sure to get the marking schemes and see how the answers are highlighted. This will help you to know how to answer question requiring explanation, discuss, list, define and others. Eventually you know to what extend you should answer the question. In addition you will note how marks are allocated to each question. Vague/shallow answer will likely give you less marks, so learn question to the point and not beat around the bush.

Allocate more time to your weak subjects

Ever heard of a situation where a student has several A’s in their favorite subjects but on the other hand they have D’s in some subjects? Such students end up with a lower mean grade than students who generally performed well in all the subjects. Understand that every subject is equally important and put more effort in those subjects that will likely give you less marks. For instance, if you are weak in Kiswahili essay writing practice every day until you improve. Another important thing to remember is that all careers choose subject from all cluster subjects so even science based career will require good performance in languages.

Group discussions

Many students have testified the importance of group discussions as they prepared for their KCSE exams. This mostly applies to all students but more so to those students who may not like the idea of visiting the teacher every time. Discussing with your classmate can be a good idea because you will be able to ask questions and it’s even easier to remember because you will express your idea and hence more likely to remember what you actually said. Select group discussions that are focused because some group can be time waster. In your groups those that are talented in certain subjects should help those that who are not, every member should be engaged as there is no single person who is not talented in one way or another. If possible have a teacher who you can assist you on the areas that may be challenging to most of the members. Discussions will improve your confidence and even boost your overall understanding. As a group look at past papers and try to answer them as jot down important points.

Develop memory aids

As you wait to do your KCSE we can all agree that some things cannot be remembered so easily without memory aids. One of the most common forms of memory aid is use of acronym. Acronym like BODMAS (Bracket, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction). Another example you can use during your KCSE chemistry paper or any other paper is use of simple familiar thing to help you remember complex terms. For instance to remember the first seven items in the periodic table you can create memory aid like ( Has Helen Learnt Better Bits Concerning Nations) which will help you remember ( Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen). You can be sure that this form of memory aids will be very helpful in instances where you may find it hard to remember some things.

Know how to answer the questions

Knowing the content of a certain subject and knowing how to transfer it in the answer shit are two different things. So how do you answer the KCSE questions? One important thing is that make sure you read all the instruction. I remember one of the exam preparation test given to students and on the instruction column it was written “Write you name only”. On the question part two simple questions, that every student could answer, were given. Since most of the students did not read the question, only a few just wrote their names. Many students fail their KCSE not because they did not know the question but simply because they did not read or understand the question well. It is also important to know how to answer you practical exams.. In fact practical papers should be the easiest way to earn you marks if you will know how to follow the procedure learnt in class.

Have the bigger picture in mind.

Have seen several instances where students are careless with the way they do their exams not knowing that their KCSE results may affect the career you get into. Clever students have done their exams poorly only to know latter that they cannot do the course of their choice or if they do it they start at a certificate level, then diploma and eventually get a degree. These students end up spending more time and money to attain a course that would have taken 4 or 5 years to finish. No one says all students should score A’s but doing the best you can is the important thing. Currently as per the KUCCPS university requirement, students with C plus can join universities.

How to pass KNEC KSCE is a simple article that looks in a limited angle how one can pass the exam. But ona deeper level students need to put more effort and do the best they can. Success in exams cannot be framed into one angle. A student who gets B plain but had the potential of getting A plain cannot be considered to have done their best. On the other hand a student who scores C plus and they had that capability can be said to have performed well. So this year as you prepare to sit for your KCSE exam aim to do the best you can.