Funny Questions to Ask a Teacher

Funny Questions to Ask  Teacher: Looking for funny questions to ask your teacher? If you ever had the chance to ask your teacher a funny question what would it be? You can ask your teacher many funny questions based on life experiences or teaching experience. Below we have looked at some of the fun questions you can ask.

Funny Questions to Ask Teachers

1. What secret talents do you have outside your teaching career?

2. Where is the weirdest place that you have ever found your students?

3. What is the funniest thing a student has ever done in a classroom?

4. Do you read all the answers in a student’s exam answers paper?

fun questions to ask teachers

5. If you were to change a career which one would you choose?

6. How often do you read to perfect your skills?

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7. Have you ever had stage fright before any school event?

8. How often do you meet your old students whom you cannot remember?

9. What is the funniest thing you would change in your students?

10. If you are a student, which of the teachers would be your favorite?

11. The funniest punishment you have ever given to your students.

12. Is there a favorite teacher among the teachers?

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Fun Questions to Ask Your Teacher

1. The most embarrassing moment you have ever had in class.

2. If you were in a trade position with your student, which student would you like to be?

3. The best way you have calmed down a noisy class.

funny questions to ask your teacher

4. Do teachers daydream in class?

5. The best gift you have ever received as a teacher?

6. The best mode of physical exercise for you

7. The weirdest answer you have read from a student answer sheet

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8. Did you always dream of becoming a teacher?

9. The most difficult test you have ever given to students, how did they perform?

10. What is the strangest study habit that works well?

11. The most difficult questions a student has ever asked you

12. Do teachers love holidays more than school days?

Funny Questions for Teachers Day

1. The best teachers appreciation message you ever received?

2. As a teacher,  how would you like to be appreciated by your students on teachers’ day

3. What does a teacher prefer a passive student who passes well or an active student who has a lower performance in exams?

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4. If you could have a remote control for your students, which buttons would you prefer to have?

5. If you could assign a theme song to your teaching style, what would it be?

6. Which is the one school supply you can not do without?

7. What is the one unprofessional thing you have ever done in school?

8. If you were to have superhero abilities in class, which would you like to have?

9. The strangest thing you have ever confiscated from a student

10. How does a teacher spend their free time?

11. Is it thrilling for teachers to exams?

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Conclusion: Funny Questions to Ask a Teacher

Getting the chance to ask your teacher a funny question does come often, but if you ever have that opportunity, ensure you ask a question that will let you know him or her. Additionally, ensure you are respectful as you choose an appropriate question for the moment or occasion.