Extra County Schools in Kakamega County

Extra County Schools in Kakamega County: In Kakamega County, you will find many good schools. Most of the extra schools in this county perform well in the national exams. Some of the schools in the list of the extra county were previously referred to as provincial schools and others were in the list of district schools. These schools are either in clusters 1,2 or 3

Extra County Schools in Kakamega County

School Name                                                     Type      Cluster

Cluster 1

Archbishop Njenga Girls’ High School      Girls       C1

Butere Boys High School                               Boys      C1

Chebuyusi Boys High School                        Boys      C1

Kivaywa Secondary School                           Boys      C1

Lubinu Secondary School                              Boys      C1

Musingu Boys High School                            Boys      C1

Musoli Girls High School                                                Girls       C1

Mwihila High School                                       Boys      C1

Shikunga Secondary School                          Mixed   C1

St John The Baptist Likuyani Secondary School    Boys      C1

St. Mary’s Mumias Girls  High School       Girls       C1

St. Mathias Kholera Boys Secondary School          Boys      C1

St. Peter’s Mumias Boys’ High School      Boys      C1

The Sacred Heart Girls, Mukumu               Girls       C1

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Cluster 2

Eregi Girls High School                                   Girls       C2

Ingotse High School                                         Boys      C2

Lugari Secondary School                               Boys      C2

Malava Boys High School                              Boys      C2

Mary Seat Of Wisdom Bulimbo Girls Secondary School    Girls       C2

Moi Girls’ Secondary School-Nangili         Girls       C2

St.Ignatius Mukumu Boys High School     Boys      C2

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Cluster 3

Bishop Sulumeti Girls Secondary School Girls       C3

Mautuma Secondary School                        Boys      C3

Shanderema Secondary School                  Boys      C3

St. Agnes Girls High School – Shibuye      Girls       C3

St.Anne’s Nzoia Girls’ Secondary School Girls       C3

Best Secondary Schools in Kakamega

St. Brigids Kiminini

Kakamega High School

Butere Girls

Archbishop Njenga Girls’ High School

Butere Boys High School

Chebuyusi Boys High School

Kivaywa Secondary School

Lubinu Secondary School

Musingu Boys High School

Musoli Girls High School

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