County Secondary Schools in Trans Nzoia County

County Secondary Schools in Trans Nzoia County:  Trans Nzoia County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Trans Nzoia, find the below list.

These schools public, are funded by the government and the majority are day schools.

County Secondary Schools in Trans Nzoia County

Centre Code      Name of the school                        Type

23503301            Holy Trinity Saboti                           Boys

23503302            St. Marys Machewa                         Mixed

23503304            Nakami Friends                                 Mixed

23503310            Immaculate Heart Girls Saboti    Girls

23528103            Kapsara Mixed                                  Mixed

23528104            St. Christophers Boys                      Boys

23528107            Wiyeta Girls Secondary Girls        Girls

23528109            St. Paul’s High Sch – Sinoko           Boys

23528112            St. Teresas Sec -Sinyereri              Mixed

23528118            St. Augustine Munyaka                  Mixed

23528133            Hututu Friends Girls                        Girls

23528137            Ic Mukuyu Girls                 Girls

23528138            Amani Mixed                                     Mixed

23528201            St. Francis Boys – Suwerwa           Boys

23528206            St. Peters Mito Mbili Girls             Girls

23528207            Osorongai Boys                                 Boys

23528208            St. Benedict Central-Kapsigilai Mixed

23528214            St. Francis Girls – Suwerwa           Girls

23528216            Aic Kipkeikei Girls                             Girls

23529101            Kolongolo Secondary                      Boys

23529102            Friends Boys School – Kwanza      Boys

23529104            Namanjalala Boys                            Boys

23529105            Bishop Alexander Muge                                Girls

23529106            Gidea Secondary School                                Girls

23529108            Kobos Secondary School                                Boys

23529110            St. Maurice High School – Lunyu Boys

23529117            Maridadi Secondary School          Mixed

23529122            St. Michaels Girls Liyavo                Girls

23529131            St. Francis Kolongolo Girls High Girls

23529141            St. Maurice Girls High- Lunyu      Girls

23529150            Aic Kobos Girls High                        Girls

23572101            St. Barnabas Girls Sabwani           Girls

23572201            St. Marys- Nai Boys                          Boys

23572205            Andersen Sec School                       Mixed

23574109            St.Teresa Bikeke Boys                     Boys

23574113            St Teresa Bikeke Girls                     Girls

23574122            St. James Mabonde                         Mixed

23574123            Nyabomo S.D.A                                 Mixed

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