County Secondary Schools in Migori County

County Secondary Schools in Migori County: Every parent or student’s dream is to attend the best county Secondary Schools that provide quality education.  Migori County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Migori, find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Migori County

These schools public, are funded by the government and the majority are mixed-day schools.

School Code       Name of the school                        Type

44707103            Kwa Sec                                                Mixed

44707107            Nyaduong Mixed                              Mixed

44707111            Osingo Mixed                                    Mixed

44707112            Sagegi Mixed                                     Mixed

44717112            Sigiria Mixed                                      Mixed

44717113            Kameji Mxd                                        Mixed

44718201            St. Peters Kegonga Boys                Boys

44729101            Agenga Mixed                                   Mixed

44729102            St. Michael’s Nyandema                Mixed

44729103            Rabwao Boys                                     Boys

44729105            Moi Nyatike High Boys                   Boys

44729136            Kibuon Mixed                                    Mixed

44736102            Piny Owacho Mixed Secondary Mixed

44736111            Rapogi Girls                                        Girls

44736204            Oruba Girls                                         Girls

44736206            Arambe Mixed                                  Mixed

44739101            Kokuro Secondary Boys                 Boys

44739102            Manyatta High School Boys         Boys

44739105            Owiro Akoko Girls                            Girls

44739115            Awendo Secondary Boys              Boys

44739202            St. Timons Rabondo Mixed Sec. Mixed

44739209            Kamyawa Mixed Secondary         Mixed

44744108            Oruba Mixed Sec.                             Boys

44744121            Bishop Masaga Ogada Girls          Girls

44746101            Matare Secondary Boys                 Boys

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