Cheapest Taxi Apps in Kenya

Cheapest Taxi Apps in Kenya: Are you looking for the Cheapest Taxi Service in Kenya? The best taxi apps in Kenya have been in operation for several years although some are new entrants based on the increased demand in the taxi services. To get to know the Cheapest Taxi App in Kenya one has to experience different rides, following the same routes, timing or circumstances. Based on customers’ reviews and experiences this are some of the affordable taxi app are as follows.

Cheapest Taxi Apps in Kenya


In the Bolt app, you will meet both affordability and reliability. The App allows you into a world of options, from the sleek Bolt Lite to the spacious Bolt XL, tailored to every rider’s fancy. No surprises here – with upfront pricing,


In Nairobi, Uber reigns supreme in the ride-hailing realm. Offering a spectrum of ride choices, from the sleek UberX to the budget-friendly UberPOOL, it’s your personalized journey at your fingertips. Thanks to Uber’s nifty mapping tech, you will not just get a ride but also a fast route, saving both time and pocket change.

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Little Cab

Little Cab, is not just an app; it is affordable and delivers customer service with lots of convenience. You can explore the ride options that match your style – from the snazzy Little Basic to the luxurious Little Comfort. Additionally, you can select your payment method, whether it’s cash, mobile money, or the swish of a credit card.

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InDriver stands out as a one-of-a-kind ride app. It hands over the fare-setting reins to customers. It’s as simple as entering your pickup, drop-off points, and the fare you’re willing to pay. The ball is left in the drivers’ court as they decide whether to accept or decline based on the offered fare. While it may not offer the common ride experience, it’s a dream come true for those watching their wallets.

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Click Taxi

This app delivers swift, budget-friendly, secure, and reliable transportation services. You can gain a significant advantage by pre-ordering your journey days in advance through its specially designed service. The taxi-hailing app also stands out with flexible payment options. Enhancing your safety, it features a robust security measure, providing the driver’s name and vehicle details before you step into the car.

Best Taxi Services in Nairobi

Absolute Cabs

At Absolute Cabs, the Primary focus is cultivating robust and mutually advantageous relationships. They prioritize gaining a profound understanding of their customers which enables them to anticipate and fulfill their needs. You can choose Absolute Cabs because they provide timely information, and steadfastly uphold our promises.

Absolute Cabs Phone no:  0721 400422

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Delight Cabs

Delight Cabs offers professional solutions to cater to your every need, from seamless airport transfers to convenient pick-and-drop services. Whether it’s the hustle of conference transfers, the reliability of staff transport, or group transfers, they offer the best.

Delight Cabs Phone no: 0722 104242

Jimcab Logistics Services and Supplies Ltd

Established in the year 2000, they bring forth more than two decades of expertise in delivering customized transportation solutions for both individuals and corporate clients. Their commitment revolves around ensuring steadfast consistency and reliability, aiming to offer a quality service that leaves a lasting impression in our clients’ memories

Jimcab Phone no:  0711 082153

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PTG Travel

PTG Travel prides itself on swift pickups, enjoyable journeys in well-maintained clean cars, expert drivers, and highly rated personalized customer care. Their services include point-to-point transfers, airport pickups, ride-sharing, event transportation, chauffeur services, and PTG delivery. Their services are both for businesses and individuals, PTG professional point-to-point transfers are conveniently scheduled through their user-friendly app.

PTG Travel Phone no 0709 801000

Kenatco Taxis Limited

Kenatco Taxis Limited holds the title of being the longest-standing taxi company in Kenya, offering reliable services to its best. Renowned for its commitment to safety, exceptional customer service, and a fleet of disciplined drivers operating clean taxis. It continues to stand out as one of the Best Taxi Services in Nairobi.

Kenatco Taxi Phone no: 0709 642000

Conclusion: Cheapest Taxi Apps in Kenya

With the above taxi apps in Kenya, you can be assured that your ride in major towns across the country will be catered for. The majority offers several services including Corporate Transfers, airport transfers, group transfers and so much more.