Capital Sacco – Contacts, Loans, Mobile Banking, Paybill

Capital Sacco – Contacts, Loans, Mobile Banking, Paybill: Capital Sacco Society Ltd is located in Kenyatta Hwy, Meru.

Capital Sacco was started in 1972 as a section of the giant Meru Famer’s co-operative Union LTD. It was serving members of the affiliated dairy and coffee societies.

In the year 2005 it was split from the union and became a separate entity known as Meru Famers Sacco. In the Year 2012, It rebranded again to capital Sacco to bring on bound all the entrepreneurs, salaried customers, institutions, youth and children from all parts of the country. This gave the Sacco a national outlook and since it has been serving all these clientele effectively.

To be a leading NATIONAL SACCO offering superior financial services

Capital Sacco Mobile Banking

The mobile banking service is very convenient since you have personalized banking experience. For instance, you will get real-time alerts or updates through the Capital Sacco Banking Application.

Capital Sacco Loan

  • Dairy Welfare Loan
  • Tea Bonus Plus Loan
  • Coffee Development Loan
  • Maziwa Pesa Loan Dairy Advances
  • Tea Welfare Loans
  • Coffee Advance
  • Kilimo Tosha Loans
  • Bodaboda Loan
  • Micro-Credit Loan
  • Business Advance Loan

Capital Sacco Contacts

Capital Sacco Society Ltd
Physical Address: Kenyatta Hwy, Meru
Address: P.O.Box: 1479 – 60200 Meru
City/Town: Meru
Tel: 643131446
Mobile: (+254) 708843287, (+254) 708843288