Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology

Sang’alo institute of science and technology was started in 1924 as an animal breeding centre under a Scottish Veterinarian, Dr. Cameron. In 1977 it was converted to a Harambee Institute to train middle level manpower in Agriculture and related fields. In 1993, the college gained Public status It is approximately 8 kilometers from Bungoma town along the Bungoma Nambacha road. Sang’alo Institute stands on 550 acreage donated by Paramount Chief Sudi Namachanja. The institute has a Town campus in Bungoma town.

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The institute has market oriented Programmes that are examined by both Kenya National Examinations Council and Kenya Accountants and secretaries National examination Board ( KASNEB) The Institute registers very good results and is committed to excel. It is a Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and has been greatly supported by the Ministry of Technical Education to be a Centre of excellence in Capacity Building Research , Science and Technology. To provide skills and quality training in Applied Research, Science and Technology to enhance sustainable Community and National Development

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i)    Integrity
ii)    Equal opportunities to all
iii)    Innovation and creativity
iv)    Teamwork
v)    Collaboration and partnerships
vi)    Cooperate social responsibility
vii)    Respect for cultural and Religious diversity
viii)    Discipline and diligence  
ix)    Change management Agent

Sang’alo institute of science and technology is a  National Centre of Excellence in Agriculture . We are endowed with a vast land sitting on 550 acres .  In this regard, we have established linkages and collaborations that helps us realize this goal . The collaborations are with KARI, Kakamega .  Masinde Muliro University, The Ministry of Agriculture and that of Livestock – Bungoma, Sitikho campus and are still open for more interactions to better our National excellence status .

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Main Campus ( Bungoma-Nambacha Rd)
P.O BOX 158, 50200
Town Campus (Bungoma)- Catholic Building – Mumias Rd

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