Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute

The Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute (KCITI) is a Kenyan non-governmental organization (NGO) specializing in providing young people with a high-quality technical education in a Christian environment at the lowest possible cost. Tuition and fees are only a fraction of other colleges in Nairobi.
The main campus is situated on five landscaped acres at the east end of Fifth Street in Eastleigh Section II. Bible courses, extra-curricular activities, sports and cultural programs, KCITI is a whole-life environment where the student can develop his or her spiritual and intellectual potential.

Low fees: The College provides vocational technical education with emphasis on the job creation to students from economically disadvantaged families and has consistently maintained course fees that are typically less than the fees charged by other technical colleges in Nairobi.  

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Infrastructure: The cost of large capital developments such as buildings and major equipment purchases are met by charitable organizations, foundations and well wishers.

High Quality of Education: A student can be assured of an education worthy of the name. Close attention is paid to course content and educational standards. KCITI graduates have established themselves in the business community, private and public sectors of the economy.

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Lab, Workshop and Equipment: In the recent past the Institute’s equipment was modern and functional. To maintain this edge we must constantly upgrade our lab, workshop and equipment? so that students can be thoroughly knowledgeable with the tools they will use on the job.

Extra Curricular Activities: There is a full range of activities to give the student a complete college experience. These range from competitive sports, various clubs, music and drama. Members of the Presidential Award Scheme are active in community service projects.


To equip young people with technical skills and instruction to morally enrich their lives by a knowledge of God’s word and to provide a quality education at fees low enough to make higher education affordable to economically disadvantaged but deserving youth.

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Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute Eastleigh Section II, 2nd Avenue 5th Street P.O. Box 71083,Nairobi-Kenya
Tel: 6766805, 6763571, 6763122, 6763491 Fax: 6763774
Cellphone: +254-733-637766, +254- 728-607779

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