Introduction to Law Revision Questions

Introduction to Law Revision Questions QUESTION ONE Question 1 Distinguish the following: a) Law and Morality, (2 marks) It is a sense of judgment between rights and wrong by reference certain standards developed by society over time. It consists of standards of behavior widely used by a society consists of prescriptions of society. It consists … Read moreIntroduction to Law Revision Questions

Advance Financial Reporting – KASNEB

June 2009 Question Two (a)Key disclosures items in the statement on employees (i)Number of employee; Average numberof employees in the financial year and actual number at the beginning and end of the financial year. (ii)Reason for changes in the number of employees during the financial year. (iii)Age distribution and sex of employees. (iv)Geographical location of … Read moreAdvance Financial Reporting – KASNEB

Auditing and Assurance revision Question

Question 1Define audit- 2mksAn audit is the independent examination of and expression of an opinion on the financial statements of an economic entity by appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and in compliance with any relevant statutory obligation Question 2State 5 Important roles of International Financial Reporting Standards 5mks1.    They prescribe the approved method … Read moreAuditing and Assurance revision Question

Entrepreneurship and Communication Revision Questions

Find Entrepreneurship and Communication Revision Questions below. Question 1 (a) Who is an entrepreneur? (2 Marks) (b) In what ways can an entrepreneur attain his objective of being self employed? (10 Marks) (c) What traits should an entrepreneur possess to make it in his business? (8 Marks) Question 2 (a) What are the challenges inherent … Read moreEntrepreneurship and Communication Revision Questions