Taxation KNEC Past Papers – Taxation Revision Questions

Taxation KNEC Past Papers – Taxation Revision Questions: Taxation revision questions Question One Briefly explain the principles or canons of taxation. (10 marks) Principles/ canons of Taxation Simplicity A tax system should be simple enough to enable a tax payer to understand it and be able to compute his/her tax liability. A complex and difficult … Read more

Advance Financial Reporting – KASNEB

June 2009 Question Two (a)Key disclosures items in the statement on employees (i)Number of employee; Average numberof employees in the financial year and actual number at the beginning and end of the financial year. (ii)Reason for changes in the number of employees during the financial year. (iii)Age distribution and sex of employees. (iv)Geographical location of … Read more

Auditing and Assurance revision Question

Auditing and Assurance revision Question Question 1 Define audit- 2mks An audit is the independent examination of and expression of an opinion on the financial statements of an economic entity by appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and in compliance with any relevant statutory obligation Question 2 State 5 Important roles of International Financial … Read more