Kenya Institute of Project Management – Courses, Fees Structure, Admission Requirements, Application Form, and Contacts

Kenya Institute of Project Management

Kenya Institute of Project Management (KIPM) was started in 2006 as a ‘center of excellence’ in the provision of educational programs in management, technology, business studies. It is situated on 5th floor Utumishi Co-op House at the junction of Mamlaka /Nyerere Roads, Nairobi Kenya.

Kenya Institute of Project Management offers educational, research, training, and consultancy services in the fields of Project project management, development, communication, and a few other professional courses.

Change of Name

In order to internationalize our courses and student demand, KIPM will change its’ name starting January 2017 to become Global Institute of Technology & Management – GITM.

The institution admits students from all over the world.

To be the largest professional management and technology center of excellence in research, training and consultancy services.

To develop and promote professional management and technology studies  in order to bring about sustainable development.

To enhance education in professional management and technology in Africa.

In order to achieve the main goal, the college strives to implement the following objectives:
•    To be the leader in educational project management, technology & business
•    To develop and disseminate relevant technology and management skills
•    To develop an excellent learning environment for startups and entrepreneurial
•    To provide high quality standards of management and technology skills
•    To assess gaps in markets and business development training needs
•    To encourage firms and individuals embrace technology and management

Our philosophy is based on positive attitude, commitment, partnership and teamwork.

The college embraces: – integrity, teamwork, communication, honesty, transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

Courses Offered at Kenya Institute of Project Management

Take a look at the courses offered at Kenya Institute of Project Management and find one that meets your needs.

Short Courses  – 2 – 4 DAYS COURSES
•    Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation with Ms Project Software
•    Introduction to Project Management
•    Ms Project for Project Manager
•    Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E)
•    Proposal Writing and Presentations
•    Report Writing Skills
•    Leadership and Governance Skills
•    Team Building & Motivation
•    Finance and Budget Management
•    Business Plan and Management
•    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Skills
•    Stakeholder Analysis and Participation
•    Social Impact Assessment and Analysis
•    Conflict & Disaster Management
•    Change and Performance Management
•    Strategic Planning and Implementation
•    Risk Analysis and Disaster Management
•    Training of Trainer (ToT)
•    Effective Communication Skills
•    Community Resource Mobilisation & Management
•    Introduction to Business Statistics
•    Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)
•    Effective Management of NGOs & CBOs
•    Research Methods and Skills
•    Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit
•    Procurement Procedures in Donor -Supported Projects
•    Procurement Contract Management
•    Introduction to Strategic Management

•    Project Planning and Implementation
•    Computerized Project Management
•    Project Planning and Management for beginners
•    Project Monitoring & Evaluation (PME)
•    Monitoring & Evaluation of Community Projects (MECP)
•    Participatory Project Planning and Management (PPPM)
•    Project Analysis and Design (PAD)
•    Project Management (APM) for Managers
•    Value for Money (VFM) Auditing for Projects
•    Project Budgeting and Cost Control
•    Project Team Management
•    Project Design and Contract Management
•    Advanced Project Procurement Management
•    Research, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Public Sector
•    Managing Projects for Municipal Service Delivery
•    Project Leadership & Governance
•    Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
•    Procurement of Goods and Services in the Local Authorities
•    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Project Management
•    Project Proposal Writing and Fund Raising Techniques
•    Procurement and Materials Management
•    Project Financing Skills

•    Activity Based Budgeting
•    Budgeting and Budgetary Control
•    Debt Management
•    Financial Analysis and Management
•    Auditing and Internal Control
•    Budgeting and Budgetary Control
•    Credit Management, Monitoring and Control
•    Cash Management and Bank Reconciliation for Accounting officers
•    Financial Management for Debt Manager and Administrators
•    Financial Management for Project Accountants
•    Financial Management for Pension Administrators
•    Financial Management for Donor funded Projects
•    Financial Management in the Public Sector
•    Finance and Budgetary Management
•    Managing Micro Finance Organisations
•    Management of Local Government Finance
•    Managing the Auditing Functions
•    Treasury and Financial Risk Management
•    Effective Cost Performance Management
•    Accounting for non-Profit Making Organizations
•    Treasury Management
•    Micro-Economic Analysis
•    Revenue Collection Management
•    Trade Negotiation Skills
•    Computerized Financial Management
•    Audit, Corporate Governance and Restructuring for Audit Committee

•    Socio-Economic Reforms & Privatisation Strategy
•    Tourism Marketing and Development in Africa
•    Organisation Restructuring & Change Management
•    Human Resources Management & Performance Enhancement
•    Human Resources Management for Managers
•    Management Development for Personal Assistants & Administrtors
•    Supervisory Skills & Operations Management
•    Employee Relations and HR Management
•    Strategic Human Resource Management
•    Workplace Counselling & Employee Welfare Management
•    Office Administration & Business Methods
•    Labour Relations & Conflict Management
•    Performance Management
•    Trainers & Educators Workshop
•    Consultancy & Advisory Services Management
•    Sport Management and Administration

•    Computer and Information Technology for Managers
•    Computer and Software Management Skills Development
•    Computer and Information System Management
•    Computerised Financial Management for Accountants
•    Record and Data Management
•    Computer Programme For Execution Assistants
•    Computer and Date Security Management
•    Computer Auditing and Internal Control
•    Management Information System for Managers
•    General Computer Applications For Managers
•    Database Design and Maintenance
•    Customized Integrated Computer Applications
•    Computer Networking from Planning to maintenance
•    Information Technology for Non- IT Executors
•    IT Security and Control
•    IT for Audit Control Management
•    Computer and Software Management Skills
•    Database Management
•    Data and Records Management
•    Computer Network Adminstration
•    Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)
•    Course Title
•    Managing the Innovation Process
•    The Balanced Score Card
•    Building and Leading Effective Teams
•    Public Relations and Customer Care
•    Negotiating for & Managing Public Private Partnership
•    Value Chain Analysis and Development
•    Management of Public Relations and Customer Care
•    Business Planning and Continuity Management
•    How to Develop “Breakthrough” Products and Services
•    Business Statistics for Decision Making
•    Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization
•    Customer Service Management
•    Resource Mobilization Skills and Techniques
•    Entrepreneurial Marketing
•    Public Relations and Customer Care
•    Enterprise Risk Management

•    Leadership and Development
•    Organisational Restructuring and Change Management
•    Public Administration and Management
•    Strategic Leadership Development Programme
•    Strategic Women Leadership Development
•    Corporate Governance and Organisation Development
•    Contract Management and Conflict Resolution in PPP’s
•    Pension Fund and Reform and Management
•    Local Government Leadership Development
•    Economic Analysis in the Public Sector
•    Local Government Investment Project Management
•    Public Sector Performance Management Systems
•    Managing Public Health Projects
•    Public Expenditure Management
•    Management Skills for Excellence

•    Transformative Leadership Programme
•    Executive Leadership Seminar
•    Planning & Strategic Management
•    Organisational Restructuring and Change Management
•    Results Based Management Programme
•    Facilitation and Presentation Skills
•    Management Advancement Programme
•    Public Administration and Management
•    Public Relations Management
•    Senior Management Development Programme
•    Strategic Women Leadership Development Programme
•    Supervisory and Operations Management
•    Strategy and Balanced Scorecard Development
•    Corporate Governance and Organization development
•    Senior Executive Development Programme
•    International Business Strategy
•    International Business Management
•    People Management Skills in a technical environment
•    Educational Leadership
•    Leadership Development
•    Personal Leadership Development
•    Strategic Leadership & Change Management in the Public Sector
•    Leadership and Supervisory Skills Development
•    Leadership Development and Change Management II

•    Rural Energy Planning and Environmental Management
•    Environmental Management
•    Environmental Audit
•    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
•    Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Course

•    Conflict Management
•    Disaster Preparedness and Management
•    Drought and Food Security Management
•    Public Administration Programme
•    Agriculture Extension Service Delivery and Management
•    Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
•    Gender in Management
•    Gender and Diversity in Management
•    Gender, HIV/ AIDS and Reproductive Health
•    Engendering National Budgets
•    Gender Audit.
•    Women Empowerment, Gender Issues and Management
•    Mainstreaming Gender in Development Planning
•    Executive Secretarial Course
•    Supervisory Skills Development Skills
•    Gender Analysis and Planning
•    Gender Development and Empowerment
•    Gender Equity and Community Development
•    Gender, Youth and Disability Policy Development and Management
•    Financial Self Reliance and Resource Mobilization for Civil Society
•    Agriculture Management and Rural Development
•    Managing the Social Security Function
•    Sustainable Rural Resource and Management Programme
•    Rural Water Development & Sustainability
•    Integrated Water Resources Management
•    Applied Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology: Identification of Anaerobic Bacteria
•    Desertification & Rural Agriculture Development
•    Animal Health Management
•    Rural Electrification Programme
•    Applied Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology:
•    Identification of Anaerobic and Facultative Anaerobes
•    Crop and Invasive Plants Management
•    Design and Management of Irrigation Programmes

•    Works Procurement and Selection of Consultants
•    Construction Management
•    Transport Management
•    Goods and Equipment Procurement Programme
•    Government Contracting
•    Works Procurement and Selection of Consultants
•    Road and Traffic Safety Management
•    Public Procurement Processes and Management
•    Transportation Management
•    Fleet Operations, Maintenance and Management
•    Disaster Management
•    Goods and Equipment Procurement
•    Public Contracts and Purchasing agreements Negotiation
•    International Procurement for Donor Funded Projects
•    Inventory Management & Procurement Strategies
•    Computerised Materials & Logistics Management
•    National and International Public Procurement
•    Public Sector Procurement and Supply Chain Management
•    Public/ Private sector Partnership in Infrastructural Projects
•    Commercial Law and Project Procurement
•    Logistics and Supply Chain Management
•    Procurement and Store Management
•    International and Internal Procurement for Donor funded Projects
•    Procurement of Goods and Services in the Local Authorities

•    Macro-economic Analysis
•    Policy Analysis for Senior Manager
•    Public Policy Development and Strategic Management
•    Trade and Investment Promotion Programme
•    Trade Negotiation Skills
•    Trade Policy Development and Macroeconomic Analysis
•    Policy Management and Evaluation
•    Public Private Partnership Management

•    Project Management Certifications
•    Advanced Diploma in Project Management
•    Standard Diploma in Project Management
•    Certificate in Project Management
School of Business Studies
•    Dip in Business Management
•    Dip in Business Administartion
•    Dip in Entrepreneurship Development
•    Diploma in General Management
•    Dip in Human Resource Mngt
•    Dip in Legal Studies
•    Dip in Purchasing & Supply Mngt
•    Digital Marketing & Media Studies
•    Dip in Economics & Statistics
•    Cert. in Business Management
School of Digital Marketing & Media Studies
•    Dip in Digital Communications
•    Dip in Public Relation
•    Dip in Digital Advertising & PR
•    Dip in Digital Journalism & Media Studies
•    Dip in Digital Film & TV Studies
•    Dip in Digital Video Production

School of Finance & Accounting
•    Cert. in Finance & Accounting
•    Dip in Finance & Accounting
•    Dip in Business Banking

School of Information Technology
•    Computer Packages
•    Dip in Information Technology

School of Tourism & Hospitality
•    Dip in Hospitality Mngt
•    Dip in Digital Travel & Tourism
•    Dip in Food & Beverage Mngt
•    Dip in Food Prep. & Culinary Arts
•    Dip in Hotel & Catering Mngt
•    Dip in Hotel Front Office
•    Dip in House Keeping & Accomm.
•    Dip in Tour Guiding & Adm.

School of Engineering & Build Environment
•    Dip in Engineering
•    Dip in Environmental Science

School of Freight Management
•    Dip in Clearing & Fowarding
•    Dip in International Freight
•    Dip in Maritime Mngt
•    Dip In Shipping Management
•    Dip in Air Cargo Services
•    Dip in Airport Operation Mngt
•    Dip in Cabin Crew/Air Hostess

School of Community & Social Work
•    Certificate in Community Devt
•    Diploma in Community Devt
•    Diploma in Disaster Management
•    Diploma in Counseling Psychology
•    Diploma in Early Childhood Development

School of Event Management
•    Dip in Event Management & PR
•    Dip in Flower Arrangement & Decor
•    Dip in Wedding Planning
•    Centre of Language Studies
•    Bridging Courses

Kenya Institute of Project Management Application Forms

Kenya Institute of Project Management Admission Requirements varies depending on the course you want to apply.
You can also contact the institution using the contacts details below.

Kenya Institute of Project Management Fees Structure

Kenya Institute of Project Management Fees Structure. The fees structure depends on the course that you are undertaking at the time of application.

Contact the institution using the below details for more information

Kenya Institute of Project Management Contacts

Kenya Institute of Project Management
P.O Box 11489 – 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.