Kenya Car Import Duty Calculator : How to Calculate Import Duty

Looking for Kenya Car Import Duty Calculator? Want to know how much it will cost you to import a car into Kenya.

Kenya Car Import Duty Calculator – How to Calculate Import Duty

Below is how to calculate Kenya Car Import Duty using the Kenya Duty Calculator

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Step 1:


Select if it’s a Motor Vehicles, Motor Cycles, Trailers or Tractors


  • Vehicle Make *
  • Vehicle Model *
  • Engine Size *
  • Enter Vehicles Date of First Registration
  • Vehicle Arrival Date (Ship Arrival Date) *

Click Calculate

Step 2:

The duties and taxes payable for importing your vehicle will be generated:

Details Values in KES Description
Import Duty @ 25.00% Import duty payable to KRA
Excise Duty @ 20.00% Excise duty payable to KRA
VAT @ 16.00% VAT payable to KRA
IDF @ 2.25% Input Declaration Fees payable to KRA
Railway Development Levy @ 1.50% Railway Development Levy payable to KRA
Motor Vehicle Registration Cost Vehicle Registration Charges
Customs Value The Customs declared value for this vehicle
Total Estimated Taxes Payable to KRA for Importation:
(Excludes port charges as well as clearing agent costs. Move to step 3 to fill these)

Step 3:

If you want to know your final cost of importing your vehicle, you ill be required to fill

Vehicle Purchase Price in Foreign Country
Freight Costs to Mombasa (if price does not include this)
Port and Clearing Agent Costs (Not sure? Get a quote)
Miscellaneous Costs
Taxes Payable

The final cost of the car will be generated