County Secondary Schools in Siaya County

County Secondary Schools in Siaya County: Today we are going to look at County Secondary Schools in Siaya County. There are a number of good Secondary Schools funded and approved by the Ministry of Education.

County Secondary Schools in Siaya County

Centre Code      School Name                                                     Type

42705302            Hawinga Girls High School                            Girls

42712103            Barkowino Secondary                                     Mixed

42712104            Majiwa Boys School                                        Boys

42712106            Barchando Girls                                                Girls

42712201            Nyangoma Boys                                                Boys

42712302            Barkanyango Boys                                            Boys

42712303            Wambasa Girls                                                  Girls

42712306            Got Agulu Boys                                                  Boys

42721102            Makasembo Sec. School                                Mixed

42721103            Nyakongo Girls Sec. School                          Girls

42721104            St. Sylvesters Madiany Girls                         Girls

42721105            Ndigwa Sec. School                                         Mixed

42721203            Nyagoko Sec. School                                       Mixed

42721205            St. Vincent Raliew                                            Mixed

42725103            Yenga Sec. School                                            Mixed

42725104            Ndenga Sec. School                                         Mixed

42725108            St. Stephene Siginga Sec. School                Mixed

42725201            Jera Mixed Sec. School                                   Mixed

42725210            Ugenya High School                                        Boys

42726206            Nyagondo Mixed Sec. School                       Mixed

42738111            St. Peter’s Rambula Sec. School                 Mixed

42749104            Nyawara Girls Sec. School                             Mixed

42749118            B.A Ohanga Sec. School                                 Boys

42749126            St. Paul Siriwo Sec. School                            Mixed

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