Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Kenya

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Kenya: Interested in knowing Computer Science Requirements in Kenya or the University Offering Computer Science in Kenya? Below we have tried to answer some of the questions you could be having regarding Computer Science Course Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Kenya

University Offering Computer Science in Kenya  and their Cut off points               

University Offering Computer Science in Kenya                 Cut off Points

University of Nairobi                                                                                        44.122

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology                 43.809

Kenyatta University                                                                                        43.23

Multimedia University of Kenya                                                                 41.44

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Dedan Kimathi University of Technology                                                 39.405

Riara University                                                                                                 38.792

Co-Operative University of Kenya                                                              38.257

Moi University                                                                                                  37.892

Maseno University                                                                                          37.84

Egerton University                                                                                           37.746

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Mount Kenya University                                                                                37.675

Africa Nazarene University                                                                           37.504

Technical University of Mombasa                                                              36.915

Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology                              36.441

Kabarak University                                                                                          36.212

Chuka University                                                                                              35.626

University of Eldoret                                                                                       35.319

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Pwani University                                                                                              34.938

Murang’a University of Technology                                                          34.872

Machakos University                                                                                      34.867

Meru University of Science and Technology                                          33.475

Catholic University of Eastern Africa                                                          33.279

Maasai Mara University                                                                                 31.458

Kenyatta University – Mama Ngina University College                       31.293

Kibabii University                                                                                             28.012

The East African University                                                                           27.903

Alupe University                                                                                               27.377

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Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology                        26.266

Presbyterian University of East Africa                                                       26.079

St Pauls University                                                                                            25.751

Umma University                                                                                             25.604

Laikipia University                                                                                           25.264

University of Kabianga                                                                                    25.012

Kirinyaga University                                                                                        24.931

Tharaka University                                                                                          24.652

University of Embu                                                                                           24.551

Karatina University                                                                                          24.097

Kisii University                                                                                                  23.378

Kenya Highlands Evangelical University                                                  19.481

Kaimosi Friends University                                                                            19.481

Zetech University                                                                                             19.223

Rongo University                                                                                              18.638

Garissa University                                                                                            18.638

South Eastern Kenya University                                                                 18.638

Turkana University College                                                                          18.638

Computer Science Subjects

Subject 1: Math

Subject 2: Physics

Subject 3: 2nd GROUP II or any GROUP III

Subject 4: A GROUP II or a GROUP III or any GROUP IV or any GROUP V

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Computer Science Entry Requirements in Kenya

In addition to meeting the cut off points, you have to meet the below subjects grades

Subject 1: Maths {ALTERNATIVE A – C+ }

Subject 2: PHY – C +

Subject 3: ENG/KIS – C (PLAIN)

Subject 4: Any other Best performed subject in GROUP II or GROUP III or any GROUP IV or any GROUP V

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Careers in Computer Science

  • Software Developer/Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer
  • Game Developer
  • IT Project Manager