Top Qualities Employers Look For

Top Qualities Employers Look For: What skills will make one stand out than the rest? As hundreds of students are graduating every year from colleges and Universities It’s good to know that having a certificate is not enough to get you a job. There are specific basic and technical skills that are wanted by employers. Today we are going to look at the top skills wanted by employers. These skills may look simple but to employers, they are the ones that may qualify or disqualify you from your dream job.

So what are these top skills wanted by employers? Skills are not learned in the classroom or lecture hall set up. A good definition of skills from the business dictionary is “An ability and capacity learned through deliberate, organized and continuous effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skills), things (technical skills), and/or people (interpersonal skills)”. That is why it’s very important to take internship and attachment on a serious note. This is because they offer the best platform for you to learn practical lessons before looking for a job.

Top Qualities Employers Look For

Some of the top skills wanted by most employers include

1.    Ability to handle office tools

Every professional will at one time be required to use a printer, photocopier, fax, stamps and stamp pads, staplers, a paper punch, etc. The most embarrassing thing is that some graduates are nowadays getting hired without the knowledge and ability to print or photocopy documents. Simple skills on how to handle office tools should be a must for everyone.

Ability to handle office tools
2.    Reporting

Nearly in all working environments report writing is a compulsory thing. Every sector be it academic, medical, finance, marketing or engineering will at one time have to write a report. It’s very important you have this skill in line with your professional background.

3.    Email and internet

Another top skill wanted by every employer is email and internet skills. There is no way you be required to answer a client’s mail and start asking questions on how to attach documents, forward, sign out or sign in. No matter what it entails ensure you have these two skills. You don’t have to master complex technical skill but the basic internet skills.

4.    Customer service

A business is not a business without its customers. Customers are the most important persons to any business hence they should be handle with dignity and respect. Good customer service is a must for every employee. Knowing how to be patient and courteous should enable you to deal with all customers.

customer service

5.    Communication skills

Communication skills are what determine how others will view and understand you. You should know how to communicate with everyone at different levels.

6.    Interpersonal skills

Having good interpersonal skills means that you are aware of your own skills, emotions, and abilities. With these understanding, you will be able to handle other people and be able to solve daily challenges at both personal and professional levels.

7.    Presentation skills

Presentation skills will assist you to present your ideas to others. Just like the way good packages will attract more people so will a good presentation. People tend to get bored fast so in order to get their attention for longer it would mean having well-presented reports, ideas, plans, etc.

Presentation skills

8.    Social media usage

Technology is changing rapidly, in regard to these changes most employers require employees to be conversant with these changes so as to meet their clientele demands. Current social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, Instagram, Skype, etc have eased communication so it’s important to have a clue of how to use these platforms.

9.    Sales strategy

One thing that makes sales strategy a top skill wanted by most employers is that every business is out to make sales. Without sales, the business would close down. In this regard, employers are looking for individuals who can sell their products, ideas, and services in reference to their vision and mission.

10.    Market research

Another important top skills wanted by most employers is market research. Understanding and looking for a new market where the business is likely to thrive is one of the most desirable skills for every employee regardless of the position held. To develop these skills ensure to interact with many people both at the corporate level, managerial level, retail or small business owners.

11.    Compliance

Every business has a requirement to comply with government regulation, environmental regulation, registration, taxes, etc. In whichever field you are in it’s important to ensure you are familiar with compliance requirements in that field.
As you look for an employment opportunity, takes the above skills seriously. Sometimes ignorance can be expensive, so when you can learn as much as possible. Improve on your skills in all aspects it’s not always that you have to add another degree or certificate to get a job. Sometimes your market or research skills may just land you a dream job.