Top 20 Most Expensive Degrees in Kenya

Top 20 Most Expensive Degree in Kenya: In Kenya, the pursuit of higher education comes with a hefty price tag, and certain degrees stand out as the most expensive options available. Among these, the Bachelor of Dental Surgery reigns supreme, commanding a staggering fee of 613,000 Kenyan Shillings. However, it’s not alone in its high price; several other degrees in the medical, engineering, and construction fields also demand a significant investment.

Another degree topping is the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at 612,000 Kenyan Shillings. This degree, essential for aspiring doctors, reflects the substantial cost of medical education in the country. Following closely behind are degrees in veterinary medicine and pharmacy, emphasizing the financial commitment required for professions in healthcare.

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Engineering disciplines also feature prominently among the most expensive degrees in Kenya. The Bachelor of Science in Biosystems Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering command fees of 442,000 and 441,000 Kenyan Shillings, respectively. Meanwhile, specialized fields like Chemical Engineering, Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering all exceed the 400,000 Shilling mark, reflecting the investment needed for expertise in these technical domains

Without Government sponsorship below is the list of some of the most expensive degree courses in Kenya.

Top 20 Most Expensive Degrees in Kenya

University                                                                                    Fees {KES}

1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery                                                         613,000

2. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery                      612,000

3. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery                        516,340

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4. Bachelor of Science (Biosystems Engineering)                       442,000

5. Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) 441,000

6. Bachelor of Pharmacy                                                                     436,450

7. Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)                     404,200

8. Bachelor of Quantity Surveying                                                     347 650

9. Bachelor of Real Estate                                                                    345 950

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10. Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                             337,195

11. Bachelor of Science (Electronic and Computer Engineering)         336,600

12. Bachelor of Science (Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering) 336,600

13. Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Engineering)                                       336,000

14. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering                                                  336,600

15. Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)                                       336,600

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16. Bachelor of Science (Aerospace Engineering)                                         336,000

17. Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication and Information Engineering) 336,600

18. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery with Reproductive Health                308,000

19. Bachelor of Science Clinical Medicine                                                        307,340

20. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                                                  306,000