C Plain Courses in KMTC

C plain Courses in KMTC: Searching for C courses in KMTC? Below we have looked at all the courses you can be able to study in KMTC if your KCSE mean grade was C plain.

C Plain Courses in KMTC

1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

2. Diploma in Community Oral Health

3. Diploma in Dental Technology

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4. Diploma in Health Promotion and Community Health

5. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology

6. Diploma in Physiotherapy

7. Diploma in Medical Engineering

8. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

9. Diploma in Nursing

10. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

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11. Diploma in Occupational Therapy

12. Diploma in Optometry

13. Diploma in Orthopedic Technology

14. Diploma in Pharmacy

15. Diploma in Public Health

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16. Diploma in Radiography and Imaging

17. Diploma in Orthopedic and Trauma Medicine

Diploma Requirement in KMTC

KCSE mean grade of C (or equivalent) with relevant combination of other subjects such as English, Kiswahili, Biology, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Sciences.

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Conclusion: C Plain Courses in KMTC

The above are some of the best c plain courses in KMTC. The current application is done KUCCPS portal and you should follow the required procedure to apply.