St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute – Courses, Fees, Admission

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St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute

St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute is a training organization which provides a high-quality, flexible learning environment.

Courses Offered at St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute

Take a look at the courses offered at St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute and find one that meets your needs.

1. Plumbing and Metal Work

Plumbing and Metalwork is a two year course for both secondary and primary school leavers, it offers a great opportunity for young people who would like to have a hands-on career that can secure them a job in the labour market or as self employed. There are qualified instructors with a great experience who will help the trainees to acquire necessary knowledge through a journey.The following are the subjects covered.

•    Safety in Workshop
•    Water Installation
•    Drainage Systems
•    Sanitary Installation
•    Solar Heating Systems
•    PPR Water Installation

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•    Welding Fabrications
•    Gas Welding
•    Sheet Metalwork
•    General Fitting
•    Steel Structural Works

The following are the supportive subjects:
•    Technical Drawing
•    Communication Skills
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Computer Skills

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2. Motor Vehicle Mechanics

This course targets both Primary and Secondary school leavers who are interested in a career that is hands-on and that will enable them to fit in the labour market as salaried employees or as self employed. Our learning is based on practical in well equipped classes and garage. The learner will be able to develop skills and attitude which will lead to income generating activities both in the rural and urban settings. The course is covered in two years in the following Subjects:

Motor Vehicle Electrical
•    Modern Diagnostic Machine
•    Electrical and Electronic Ignition Systems
•    Overhaul and Adjustment of Starter Motors and Alternators
•    General Vehicle Lighting and Accessory Lighting Systems

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Motor Vehicle Mechanics

•    Overhaul of Petrol and Diesel Engines
•    Overhaul of Gearboxes and Differentials
•    Heavy Vehicle Technology
•    Advanced Servicing and Adjustments
•    Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Soldering and Riveting
•    EFI Technology
•    Automotive Transmission
•    Entrepreneurship

Supportive subjects
•    Technical Drawing
•    Communication Skills
•    Computer Skills

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3. Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy

With the rising demand of Hair and Beauty professionals, this department was established to bring up a professional approach to this art of hairdressing and beauty therapy services. It is well equiped with modern equipment and qualified training staff. So far a number of our graduates have already secured jobs or have started self employment. The department offers the following courses:
Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty
Certificate In Hairdressing
Diploma in Beauty Therapy
Certificate in Beauty Therapy
Certificate in T.O.T

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4. Building Technology

This course targets young adults who are interested in a career that can lead them to salaried or self employment. Students from this course will have acquired unmatched skills that will make them and their clients happy for their results. It helps create awareness in the application of scientific knowledge in the solution of environmental problems. The learning environment and method will help a learner to become a great asset to the society with a great gaze at the reality. It is a hands-on skill course covering the following subjects:

Core Subjects  
Carpentry and Joinery
Workshop safety precautions
Basic Woodworking
Tools Maintenance

Supportive subjects

Technical Drawing
Communication Skills
Computer Skills

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5. Electrical Installation & Electronics

The integration of Electrical Installation and Electronics courses gives a student an added advantage in the labour market. The course targets both primary and secondary school leavers who are looking for a career that can be self supportive and that can also earn them a job in the currently competitive labour market. At the end of the course, the student will be able to carryout basic wiring in both domestic and industrial installation. The students can also further their studies to greater heights after Grade I examinations. This course covers the following subjects:

Core Subjects
Electrical Installation Wire man
Electrical Fitting
Instruments and Measurements
Electronics Technology and Fault Diagnosis
Digital Electronics Technology and Application
PLC Programming and Installation (Automation)

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Supportive Subjects

Technical Drawing
Communication Skills
Computer Skills

6. Business Management and Accounts

ATC and Business management course will enable the learner to appreciate the role played by different departments and the tools of analysis in decision making in an organization. The learner will be able to communicate effectively applying business management principles and understanding the legal aspects in operations. The learner will furthermore learn to appreciate self employment as an alternative to salaried employment. The minimum qualification to join this course is KCSE certificate with D (plain). The courses are covering the following subjects:
Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC)
Level I
Financial Accounting
Entrepreneurship and Communication
Introduction to Law
Principles of Management

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Level II

Financial Accounting

Information Communication Technology
Cost Accounting

Certificate In Business Management
Module I
Module II
Communication skills
Life Skills
Business Administration Environment
Business Calculation and Statistics
Financial Accounting    Office Organization
Sales and Marketing
Human and Public Relations
Business Plan
Trade Project

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Information Technology

7. Certificate in Information Technology

6 MONTHS course for KCSE certificate holders. This course is a great opportunity for students who want a career that will equip them with knowledge and skills on computer software and hardware as well as Network systems. The course starts with Stage I (compulsory). We are incorporating “Get connected” course offered by CISCO in our newly registered CISCO Academy.

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St Kizito Vocational Training Institute Fee Structure

St Kizito fee structure structure depends on the course that you are undertaking at the time of application.

Fashion and design Fees:

Kshs 10,000/= for tuition fees and 5000/= for the training material per term

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St Kizito Vocational Training Institute Contacts

•    Phone: 254 20 2518188
St. Kizito VTI – Headquarters – Githurai-Kimbo
Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya

•    Phone: 254 20 2196799
St. Kizito VTI – Roysambu Branch
Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya

•    Phone: 0723354642
St. Kizito VTI – Utawala Branch