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Sigalagala National Polytechnic

Sigalagala Technical Training Institute started in 1950 as Nyanza Technical and Trade School on 33-acre piece of land. It inherited land and buildings from gold miners who had been operating here since the 1930s. It became a National Technical School in 1967 offering courses up to East African Certificate of Education (E.A.C.E.) level. It was one of the best schools in the country that has produced some of the best brains manning key positions both in the public and private sectors today.

The buildings on the site were converted into classrooms, workshops and hostels. It was the first vocational training centre in Western Kenya and was called Nyanza Trade School. Basic technical training skills were taught and this included automotive, masonry, carpentry, plumbing and metal work. This was an initiative of the colonial government through the local authorities. The Mackay report (1981) led to further expansion of other post-secondary training institutions besides the establishment of Moi University.

This led to the upgrading of technical secondary schools to Technical Training institutes in 1986 to offer post secondary technical training. Sigalagala therefore was reconverted to a technical training institute in 1986 and became Sigalagala Technical Training institute. Since then student enrolment has been increasing from 120 students at the beginning to the current 1,951 students on full time programmes. The institute has grown steadily in infrastructure. A new and ultra modern library has been built which can accommodate 500 students at any given time.

To be a leader in technical training and innovation for social Economic Prosperity and Global Competitiveness

To provide Quality Technical Training in Science, Engineering and Technology and to foster applied research and Community Outreach for Innovative and Sustainable Development.

In pursuit of vision, mission we will be guided by the following fundamental core values:
Honesty and Integrity
Transparency and Accountability
Dedication; hardwork;
Collaboration and Teamwork
Efficiency, Effectiveness and Relevancy
Innovativeness, Professionalism and Ethical Conduct,
Socially responsible, fairness, Equity and gender consciousness;
Discipline; Environmental consciousness;
Participatory; respect; accessibility and openness

Sigalagala National Polytechnic courses offered

Take a look at the courses offered at Sigalagala National Polytechnic or Sigalagala Technical Training Institute and find one that meets your needs.

Find courses offered at Sigalagala National Polytechnic or Sigalagala Technical Training Institute

Department of Applied Science
Courses currently offered include:
•    Diploma in Applied Biology,
•    Diploma in Analytical Chemistry,
•    Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture (modular),
•    Diploma in General Agriculture,
•    Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology,
•    Certificate in Entrepreneurial Agriculture and
•    Certificate in General Agriculture.

In addition, the department has recently introduced
•    Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technician,
•    Diploma in Medical Laboratory, and
•    Higher National Diploma in Applied Biology.

The departments has a population of Six Hundred students who pursue various courses as outlined below:-
•    Diploma in land survey
•    Diploma in Building construction
•    Diploma in Civil Engineering
•    Diploma in Water Technology
•    Diploma in Quantity survey
•    Certificate in Building Technology
•    Certificate in Land Survey.

We are contemplating to offer the following courses due to market demand.
•    Higher Diploma in Building Engineering
•    Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering
•    Diploma in highways
•    Diploma in structural Engineering

Competency Based training (CBT) in the following:-
•    Masonry
•    Painting
•    Plumbing
•    Carpentry and Joinery
•    Interior design
•    Steel fixing
•    Estate management
•    Cartography, printing and records
•    Safety officers
•    Building inspectorate
•    Auto cad
•    Biogas plant construction
•    Solar water heating

Business Department
The department has since the   year 2000 seen a rapid rise in number of courses offered for example:
•    Diploma in human resource management
•    Project management
•    Secretarial studies
•    Sales and marketing
•    International freight management
•    Road transport management
•    HND in Human Resource Management
•    HND in entrepreneurship Education
•    Store keeping.
•    Project management
•    F.M
•    T.M
•    Artisan and store keeping

Human resource section
•    Higher national diploma in human resource management
•    ¨Diploma in human
•    Human resource management module I,II,III
•    Certificate in human resource management module I,II

Community development and social work section
•    Diploma in community development module I,II,III
•    Certificate in community development module I,II

Business management section
•    Diploma in business management I,II,III
•    Certificate in business management I,II
Accountancy section
•    Diploma in accountancy (KNEC)
•    Diploma in accountancy (KASNEB)

Supply chain management section
•    Diploma in freight management
•    Diploma in project management
•    Certificate project management
•    Diploma in supplies chain management I,II,III
•    Certificate in supplies chain management I,II
•    Associate purchasing and supplies (level I &II)
•    Certified purchasing & suppliers professional (part I,II,III)
•    Diploma in purchasing and supplies (KISM)
•    Certificate in purchasing and supplies (KISM)
•    Diploma in purchasing and supplies (KASNEB)
•    Certificate in purchasing and supplies (KASNEB)
•    Certified procurement  and  supply professional  part 1,II,III,IV

The communication department is a service department which offers the following courses:
1.    English
2.    Kiswahili
•    Life skills
1.    Communication skills
2.    Social studies
3.    French
•    Sign Language

The department currently is offering the following courses;
•    Diploma in Information Communication Technology (Module I, II, and III).
•    Craft Certificate in Information Technology (Module I and II).
•    Certificate in Systems Support.
•    Diploma in Systems Support.
•    Currently, the department is offering Computer Packages as a short course. Time frame ranges between ten to twenty hours per package. Packages covered include the following;
o    Introduction to Computers & operating Systems
o    Microsoft Word
o    Microsoft PowerPoint
o    Microsoft Excel
o    Microsoft Access
o    Microsoft Publisher
o    Internet & E-mail

The newly proposed courses that will be offered in the department include the following;
o    Courses offered by kasneb
    Diploma examinations
    Diploma in information communication technology level I
    Diploma in information communication technology level II
    Diploma in information communication technology level III
    IC3-Internet & core computing certification
    Diploma in Computer studies.
    Cisco certification.
    Oracle certification.
    Accounting packages(sage)

Information Science
The department offers the following courses
1.    HND in library and information management
2.    Diploma in information studies
3.    Certificate in  information studies
4.    Diploma in journalism and mass media
5.    Diploma in music and sound engineering

New courses to be introduced are:
1.    Diploma in Archive and record management.
2.    Higher National Diploma in Archives and record management

Sigalagala National Polytechnic Institutional Management Department
Institutional management department offers different courses
(i) Craft certificate in Food and Beverage
(ii) Diploma in Food and Beverage
(iii) Artisan in Food and Beverage

Since the department is showing good signs of growing very fast, in future we are intending to start some other course like
(i) Certificate in catering and accommodation
(ii) Diploma in catering and accommodation
(iii) Baking and pastry course
(iv) Clothing and textile
(v) Nutrition and dietetic
Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

•    Diploma in electrical and electronic department module 1.2 and 3(DEE I, DEE II and DEE III).
•    Craft certificate in electrical and electronics module 1, and 2(CEE I and CEE II)
•    Solar pv installation.

Sigalagala National Polytechnic is also looking forward to introduce the following new courses as from September 2016;
1.    Higher diploma in electrical engineering (HND)
2.    Craft certificate in telecommunication (CIT)
3.    Diploma in telecommunication engineering module 1(DITE )
4.    Craft certificate in instrumentation and control(CIC)
5.    Diploma in instrumentation and control engineering module1(DICE)

•    Solar installation works
•    Electrical installation works

Sigalagala National Polytechnic Application Form

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Sigalagala National Polytechnic Fee Structure

The fees structure depends on the course that you are undertaking at the time of application.

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Sigalagala National Polytechnic Admission Requirements

Looking for Sigalagala National Polytechnic Admission Requirements? Sigalagala National Polytechnic Admission Requirements varies depending on the course you want to apply.

You can also contact the institution using the contacts details below.

Sigalagala National Polytechnic Contacts

Sigalagala National Polytechnic
P.O BOX 2966-50100 , KAKAMEGA
TEL: 0202395667
MOB: 0726806105  or 0736101803