County Secondary Schools in Baringo County

County Secondary Schools in Baringo County:  Baringo County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Baringo, find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Baringo County

School Code   Name of the School               Type

33517103            Aic Kapkelelwa Mixed                    Mixed

33517106            Sangarau Girls                                   Girls

33517204            Talai Mixed                                         Mixed

33517206            Ngetmoi Girls                                     Girls

33517207            Kapkawa Boys                                   Boys

33517208            Oinobmoi Boys                                 Boys

33517209            Aic Philemon Girls                            Girls

33521104            Maji Mazuri Girls                              Girls

33521107            Sabatia Mixed                                   Mixed

33521201            Torongo Girls                                     Girls

33521202            Timboroa Mixed                               Mixed

33521203            Mumberes Girls                                Girls

33532101            Chemolingot Boys                            Boys

33532105            Kolowa High Mixed                         Mixed

33532106            Ngoron High Mixed                         Mixed

33532108            Loiwat High Mixed                          Mixed

33547102            Kasisit Girls                                         Girls

33547104            Aiyebo High School                          Boys

33547105            Kapkiamo Sec.School Mixed        Mixed

33547106            Kapchepkor Sec. Boys                    Boys

33547107            Tanyileel Girls                                    Girls

33547110            Kipcherere Mixed                            Mixed

33547203            Poi Mixed Day Mixed                     Mixed

33547205            Arap Moi Bartabwa Mixed           Mixed

33547404            Kapluk Mixed                                     Mixed

33547406            Keturwo Mixed                                 Mixed

33558102            Ngambo Girls                                     Girls

33558103            Kiserian Boys                                     Boys

33558104            Lake Bogoria Girls                            Girls

33558201            Mochongoi Mixed                           Mixed

33562102            Molosirwe Sec. Mixed                    Mixed

33562103            Majimoto Mixed                              Mixed

33562108            Kiptoim Mixed                                  Mixed

33562202            Rosoga Sec. Girls                              Girls

33584001            Aic Churo Boys                                  Boys

33584002            Tangulbei High School Mixed      Mixed

33584003            Nginyang Girls                                   Girls

33584004            Aic Churo Girls                                   Girls

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