Why Kenyan Women Wear Waist Beads

Ever seen a beautiful Kenya girl with colourful waist beads? Many people may not understand why Kenya women wear beads on their waist.

The use of beads as beautification ornaments by African women dates back many years back. Both young girls and women used to wear their beads on the waist, ears, arms and neck during cultural festivals.

Today we are going to break the mystery and give some of these reasons why Kenya women wear beads on their waist as noted below

Why Kenyan Women Wear Waist Beads

Why Kenyan Women Wear Waist Beads – Kenyan Waist Beads

Cultural habit

There are some cultures in Kenya that put on beads on waist of baby girls. She is brought up knowing that the beads on her waist represent where she comes from and her cultural background.

Trendy fashion

Today’s modern and young Kenyan ladies are accepting waist beads as the ornaments which brings out their feminism more. To appear more fashionable they wear the beads with clothes that reveal their waist.

Traditional charms

Another reason why Kenya women wear beads on their waist is for protection from traditional charms meant to cause harm. The belief is that one will be protected from any evil spirits directed to them.

Rite of passage

To other communities, beads on the waist represent a sign that one has matured and undergone traditional rite of passage to be accepted as a full grown woman

Medical reasons

In some communities, during pregnancy women wear waist beads with the belief that it will lead to reduction in anxiety and stress.

Waist trainer – Kenyan waist beads

Interestingly, some women wear the waist bands with the aim of ensuring their waist is well shaped. This because the bead exert some pressure on the waist something that keeps the waist in good shape

Measure of controlling weight

Another basis on which Kenya women wear beads on their waist is to control their weight. Constant wearing of the beads ensures that the one will not likely eat more so as to ensure the waist remains as per the size of the waist beads


According some African cultures women who wear waist bands appear more sexual appealing and appear to do better in bedroom matters. Although it is not scientifically proven, some people believe that sexual satisfaction is better with a woman wearing waist beads.


To seduce their men, some Kenyan women will put on beads on their waist. They believe that a man will likely be attracted to them when he see the beautiful beads on their well-defined waist.


In addition to the above reasons, women in some parts of Kenya wear beads on their waist as a sign of empowerment. They are seen as people who can make decisions and even support their families.

As explained above there are many reasons why Kenyan women wear beads on their waist. The next time you meet a beautiful lady with one, it could be as result of the above reasons. However, in many urban areas many women wear the waist beads just as ornaments. On the other hand in many rural areas it could be as results of cultural practises.