What age should parents buy a mobile phone for their children?

In today’s world many parents are buying mobile phone for their children, the important question is, at what age should parents buy a mobile phone to their children?

The need for a phone could be as result of need to communicate to the young ones when far away.  Below are some of the important things to remember to every parent who want to buy a phone for their child.

What age should parents buy a mobile phone for their children?

1.    The best age and maturity level
There is no predictable age for buying a mobile phone for a child, but it’s very important to have a check list to decide at what stage a phone will be needed. Some of the things parents need to consider include the interruption expected, ability to operate and control. If the phone is causing a lot of destruction that the child is always on the phone, this is an indication the phone will take over the time for other important activities such study, playing and socializing.

2.    Quality of the phone
To a young child the phone is basically meant to communicate to the parents and relatives. This means that a simple phone will be appropriate. Buying a high-tech phone will unnecessarily cost much.

3.    Give relevant guidelines.
Phones can be used to do various things. Proper guidance should be given in regard to how the phone will be used, site to be visited and application to be downloaded. In cases where restricted site are visited it advisable to give appropriate advice other than rebuke the child. You can sit down and decide to revisit the site and give the right opinion so as to avoid more speculation.

4.    Secure the phone
One of the best way to capture what your child is doing is to install an application that will capture all activities carried out. Some application may be deleted or disabled. It is also good to ensure the phone is protected against physical damage.

5.     Trust he can manage the phone
It would be inappropriate to always go through the phone. With the current acronyms it would be hectic to even understand some of the messages. Since as a parent you see the need of a phone then it would be suitable to trust the phone in their care.

6.    Control credit usage
Its good to ensure that phone has enough credit ti make at least an urgent call. To teach self control to the child its good to avoid using a lot of money for buying excess airtime. Teens are very good at downloading video and song that swallow up wireless data.

7.    Set a good example.
Teens can spend hour on their phones. The trend can even be worrying if the phone becomes the sole socializing channel. As a parent ensure you set a good example. Spending lots of time chatting and taking “selfie” will only allow your child to fully imitate the same.