What to Do When Your Boss Resigns

What to Do When Your Boss Resigns: In our workplaces nothing can be compared to the good environment created by a good boss. That one boss who has helped us develop in our career and even motivates us to become better. So if it happens that this good boss resigns, you are left wondering what to do.

What do you do when your boss resign? This is one question that you may ask once you find yourself having to work in an environment full of uncertainties after your boss resigns. Although we are expected to be flexible, the challenge of losing a good team leader cannot be overlooked.

What to do when your boss resigns

Remain focused

Do not lose your focus even after your boss resigns. He or she may have been a good boss but life has to go on. Put in practice all what you have learned from him. Losing focus may affect your performance, which may portray you as one who had been dependent too much on the boss. Learn how to survive even in the least expected situations. Make sure your fellow employees do not view you as an anxious and unpredictable person. Being focused will improve the perspective others have about you.

Be ready for any changes

Resignation of your boss means that soon there will be a replacement. The replacement could come from within or externally. If you are in a senior position you could even become the new boss. So brace yourself for any changes. As long as you are planning to remain in that company be flexible to any changes that will be made.

Spread no rumors

When a boss resigns people will talk, it is even expected that rumors will spreading as to the reason why he/she resigned. Unless you want to be involved in unnecessary conversation do not be involved so much in idle talk. This may paint a bad image of your former boss, the company or fellow employees. As long as you do not know why one resigned, then do not insinuate anything. It will help you keep a peaceful working environment.

Do not take things personally

Always remember this:  it is your boss who resigned not you, so do not take any matter at your hands. The reason why your boss resigns has nothing to do with you and if it did then there is nothing you can change. Personalizing things will truly affect your ability to reason rationally. If your former boss resigned due to contentious issues affecting your department, working conditions or general matter within the company be ready to stand for the truth and what you stand for.

Take no sides

At one point your seniors or the management will make an official statement in regard to the resignation of your boss. Have no favourite sides in case there seems to be a misunderstanding and division within the company. Your seniors may give you a fully explanation into the matter leading to the said resignation or they may simply keep you in the dark. Whatever they choose have no favourite side. There are instances where cold war between the management and the employees develops when one of the senior persons in management resigns. Just handle this by making sure you in stand to what you believe in.

Assess your future

If the resignation of your boss makes the working environment unbearable, then you will need to access what option you can take. If your plan is to look for another job then start planning for it. There is no need of working in a place where you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied.

However, before you draw an exit plan, you must not make any hasty moves. Do a thorough research of what you want to do. You may leave your current position only to land into the hands of a very unfriendly boss. Avoid such decisions. Wait till the position of your boss is filled then if you are still uncomfortable with the new one then you may opt out.

Start sending job application and if you become successful then resign. But do not resign just because your boss resigned it is not sensible at all.


If you have lost a boss you really admired and loved, chances are that you will often feel the change that come with this resignation. What to do when your boss resigns is an article that gives you some of advice on what you can do. It is how you respond to this change that may determine your current and future job performance.

Job satisfaction is very vital; you do not want to waste your time in a job that you hate, just because you have issues with your boss. Losing a good boss should not affect you so much but if does then you have to deal with the matter as fast as possible. So hope the above points will help you do the right thing.