Vision Point Sacco – Contacts, Branches, Mobile Banking, Loans

Vision Point Sacco – Contacts, Branches, Mobile Banking, Loans:

Vision Point Sacco society ltd; is a corporate which was registered under the co-operative societies act on 30th april 2004 registration number CS/5459 and licensed by SASRA NO. SS/0021/12.

The sacco offers friendly and affordable financial services to all sectors of the economy in Kenya.


To be leading sacco society offering considerate financial services for self-sustainability and development.


To actualize sacco dreams and long term aspirations by providing financial and related services.

Products and Services

  • Agri-business Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Education Loans
  • Youths SME loans
  • Emergency Loans
  • Women SME loan.
  • Mitumba Business Loan
  • Motorcycle Loan

Vision Point Sacco Mobile Banking

Vision point sacco mobile banking enables you to transact from the comfort of your home.

Opening an Account

Types of accounts

  1. savings account for savers
  2. zero balance account for tea growers charges maximum of kshs.40.
  3. zero balance special for tea growers
  4. business account
  5. little angels savings account
  6. group account

Requirements for opening account.

  1. Produce original and photocopy of national identity card.
  2. Two coloured passport sizes
  3. Incase of groups/institutions to produce certificate of incorporation original and copy and minutes.
  4. PIN numbers.
  5. Nomininees photocopy of ID.
  6. Membership application fee of kshs.200 for individuals and groups kshs.1000.

Vision Point Sacco Contacts

Searching for Vision Point Sacco Society Ltd Contacts? You can reach the Sacco using the below contacts.

Vision Point Sacco Society Ltd
P.O.BOX 42 – 40502, NYANSIONGO.

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