Tracom College – Courses, Fees Structure, Admission Requirements, Application Form, and Contacts

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Tracom College

Tracom College is a training organisation which provides a high quality, flexible learning environment.

Our Mission

Happy Music For Studying
Happy Music For Studying

To provide quality client focused training services that are effective leading to market ready and technological savvy professionals

Our Vision

To be a leading tertiary institution in equipping the society with relevant tools, knowledge and skills for the contemporary world

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Courses Offered at Tracom College

1. Craft in ATD (KASNEB)
2. Diploma in Business Administration (KNEC)
3. Diploma in Business Management (KNEC)

4. Trade Test in Computer Science (NITA)
5. Craft in CPA (KASNEB)
6. Diploma in Dietetics management (KNEC)
7. Trade Test in Electrical And Electronics (Power Option) (NITA)

8. Craft in Electrical And Electronics Engineering(Telecommunication Option) (KNEC)
9. Craft in Electrical Installation (KNEC)
10. Diploma in Human resource Management (KNEC)

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11. Craft in ICDL (ICDL)
12. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (KNEC)
13. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology (KNEC)
14. Diploma in Purchasing& Supplies (KNEC)

15. Craft in Sales &Marketing (KNEC)
16. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (KNEC)
17. Diploma in Secretarial (KNEC)

18. Artisan in Secretarial Studies (KNEC)
19. Diploma in Stores Management (KNEC)
20. Diploma in Supply chain Management (KNEC)

The college offers other courses apart from the ones mentioned above
Contact the institution using the below details for more information

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Tracom College Contacts

Tracom College
P.O. Box 12485- 20100