6 Tips on how to be a good father

Tips on how fathers should prepare their children to face teenage life

To become a good parent there are several things you will need to do as father. We have looked at 6 tips on how to be a good father

6 Tips on how to be a good father

Recently fathers are becoming “absentee dads”. The economic hardship is making many dads work for long hours and as result the young children are lacking a father figure. Every father plays an exceptional role in his child’s life. A father is the first man that the child has an interaction with, most cases they become the reference person in all the decision they make. For example many women who suffer from depression or end up in wrong relationship often give an ordeal of how they never had a father to guide them. Below are some of the basics that every father should teach his children.

1. In all circumstances, they are special
By nature every person is special; the major concern comes in realizing and believing it. The way a child is brought will greatly determine how they view themselves and other people. If the father’s unconditional love is always available then a child is able to develop trust and can give the same. Verbal communication and expression of love even after mistake assures the child that they are special. During failures the child will understand that they are special and can overcome anything. At teenage stage, many young people seek approval from their peers. To avoid negative influence ensure that your child understands it’s what in them that matters not the approval of others.

2. They can always achieve the best.
Children are talented differently, talents in academics, sports, drama and music, poetry and art. Just because one is not good in one area does not make them less important. Every father should let their child know how to achieve the best in their area of interest. Mediocrity is the killer of dream and therefore a father is the best coach to train and guide the child to achieve the best. Encouragement during failure will increase their self-esteem and persuade them to believe that they can always turn their failure into stepping stone.

3. They are conquerors
The power to overcome anything comes from our mind and not our physical strength. The young people face a lot of challenges ranging from drug abuse, low self-esteem, teenage pregnancy, negative peer influence, need for acceptance and many others. Fathers have to make their children believe they can overcome anything. Just because everyone is doing it does not justify any problem. Make them understand that victory is for their own good. It’s advisable to help child interact with those who have conquered. Most teens play the good kid when in company of their dads. Understanding that life offers challenges that can be conquered will help any child see the positive to of their victory

4. Be fearless in speak their mind
The world today is full of” idealistic’ and ‘conforming’ people who are afraid to express their mind. Children are often afraid to ask question and eventually many are hesitant in expressing their ideas. In sharing our views, idea and problems one is able to learn from others. In situation of unfair treatment we are able to defend ourselves. The work of the father in building confidence of his children is to encourage them to ask question, accept correction, give advice without prejudice and motivate them to challenge others. Since life is so changeable and full of conflict situations sometime it can appropriate to hold our tongue, but from time to time one need to stand their ground by all means.

5. Self discipline and contentment
One of the sign of inner strength is self discipline and contentment with what we have. Many of the problems in society come because people lack inner discipline to accept what they have. Human beings have the tendency of wanting more even in situation where we don’t have a need.  The openness of father can help a child understand that they can enjoy life even without the finest thing. It’s not advisable to always provide what the children want. Sometimes lacking something is what makes us have value once we get them.
Being a father is one of the life commitments that come with lots of challenges. This is because it requires every father to be strong enough to bring up a self-assured, self-sufficient and well mannered child. In order to achieve these fathers need to understand that parenting is a journey and no prescription can be given to face it. All what is required is openness, confidence and willingness to also allow a room for learning new thing.