Teacher’s service commission website

Teachers Service Commission website www.teachersonline.go.ke has made it easier for teachers to access more services without vising the headquarters at upper hill. Services from Teachers Service Commission website include teacher registration, Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD), Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities, access to online pay slips, job adverts etc.

Teachers service commission website

What is Teachers Service Commission?

TSC is commission mandated with the management of all the teachers in Kenya. Teacher’s service commission (TSC) was founded in July 1967 through an Act of Parliament. The commission was formed to enable teachers to be under one employer; this would eventually create uniform terms and conditions of service for all the teachers.

What are the roles of Teachers Service Commission?

  1. Register qualified teachers
  2. Recruit & hire qualified teachers
  3. Allocate teachers hired by the Commission for service in any Kenyan public institution or school
  4. Promote and reallocate/transfer teachers
  5. Determine displinary action for teachers who are brought before the commission.
  6. Fire teachers
  7. Evaluate the standards of education
  8. Evaluate the standards of teacher education
  9. Note the demand and supply of teachers
  10. Give advice to the national government on issues relating to the teaching profession

How many teachers are registered with Teachers Service Commission?

Since its formation in 1967, Teachers Service Commission has over the years, greatly grown in size and functioning capacity. In 1967 the commission had only 37,000 registered teachers, currently there are over 700,000 registered TSC teachers across the country. Out of the number of teachers in registered by TSC in Kenya, more than 400,000 are employed in private schools, NGO and other institutions. Approximately 300, 000 teachers are employed by TSC in public schools.

How to register with Teachers Service Commission/How to get TSC number

In Kenya it is illegal to engage in teaching services without registration with the commission. To register with TSC visit their website http://www.teachersonline.go.ke and fill all the required information. Some of the documents required to register with TSC/ to get TSC number include ID copy, certificate/diploma/ degree certificate, KCSE certificate and KCPE certificate. The commission does not accept any hard copy applications

Teachers Service Commission contacts

TSC headquarters – TSC headquarters upper hill Nairobi

Located at TSC House in Upper Hill Nairobi, Along Kilimanjaro Road
Address: P.O. Box Private Bag 00100 Nairobi
Telephone: 892000

Email: info@tsc.go.ke

How to get your pay slip from Teachers Service Commission

In order to get your pay slip you need to register online for the pay slip service by selecting registration or activate account on online.