Teacher’s Salary in Kenya

How much does a teacher earn in Kenya? Teacher salary in Kenya depends on the level of education and the level one is teaching. Under the CBA which is meant to cover the period between 2017 to 2021 beginning July 1, 2017 teachers are to get better salaries. The increase is meant to be implemented in four phases.

Teachers who are in administrative positions like Head teacher, Deputy Head teacher & Senior master III

Are the biggest beneficiary some will see their salary triplicate by the end of the four phases. The new agreement which was signed by Teacher Service Commission and the National Treasury decided that the implementation is reduced from two phases for more than 152,000 teachers who fall under fall in lower pay.

Position Previous job group New job group Previous salary(Kshs) New salary (Kshs)
Primary school teacher Group G/ P1 Grade B5 16,672 – 21,304. 21,756 – 27,195
Primary teacher I &

secondary teacher III

Job group H Grade C1 Sh19,323 -29,918 27,195 -33,994
Secondary teacher II, Senior teacher II, Secondary teacher II UT & primary special need education teacher Job Group K Grade C2 31,020 -41,590 34,955 -43,694
Secondary teacher I & Senior teacher I Job Group L Grade C3 35,910-45,880 43,154-53,943
Deputy head teacher II Job Group H Grade C4 16,692 52,308
Head teacher, Deputy head teacher & Senior master III Job Group G-M Grade C5 16,692-21,304 62,272
Senior head teachers/Deputy principal Job Group M Grade D1 41,590-55,840 77,840
Principals Job Group M Grade D3 55,840-65290 91,041-104,644
Senior principals Job Group P Grade D4 103,894 121,890
Senior principal Job Group Q Grade D1-D5 89,748- 120,270 131,380
Chief principals Job Group R Grade D1-D5 109,089 – 144,928. 131,380 -157,656


New job group for teachers

The new job grades include B5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, D1, D2, D3, D4 & D5. Earlier, teachers were graded in Job Group G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q & R.