South Eastern Kenya University

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South Eastern Kenya University

South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) situated in Kitui County in a serene and conducive learning environment, about 12 Kilometers off Kwa Vonza Market along the Kitui-Machakos main road.

The University is a fully-fledged Public University which was awarded Charter on 1st March, 2013.

The university has witnessed tremendous growth and currently offers various certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

South Eastern Kenya University has other campuses namely Kitui Town Campus, Machakos Town Campus, Wote Town Campus, Mtito Andei Campus and Nairobi Town Campus.

The University Academic programmes are offered in the following schools:
•    School of Pure and Applied Sciences
•    School of Business and Economics
•    School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
•    School of Information and Communication Technology
•    School of Humanities and Social Sciences
•    School of Water Resources Science and Technology
•    School of Environment and Natural Resources Management
•    School of Education
•    Institute of Mining and Mineral Processing

The university has about 6,000 students registered in the various campuses with the bulk of them being at the University main campus.
It has also employed qualified teaching members of staff and has invested heavily in infrastructure to offer quality learning, teaching, research and innovation. Majority of the academic members of staff have at least a PhD degree.

A globally competitive Centre of Excellence in Teaching, Research Innovation and Service.

To provide quality education through teaching, research, extension, innovation and entrepreneurship with emphasis on dryland agriculture, natural resources and environmental management.

Arid to Green

Core Values
In order to achieve the vision and mission, we will be guided by the following core values:
a)    Professionalism: In all our actions and interactions, we shall maintain ethical behaviour, courtesy and professional etiquette.
b)    Innovation: Innovativeness shall be the hallmark of our business activities through fostering pro-activeness, creativity, and adaptability to change.
c)    Integrity: We shall be honest, transparent and accountable always.
d)    Freedom of thought: We shall promote and defend academic freedom.
e)    Teamwork: We shall maintain a sense of unity and of common interests and responsibilities.
f)    Respect and conservation of environment: We shall strive to respect and protect the natural and working environment.

Courses Offered at South Eastern Kenya University

Searching for Courses Offered at South Eastern Kenya University? Find some of the courses that are being offered at South Eastern Kenya University.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes

A) School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

Department of Dryland Agriculture
•    (a) Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
•    (b) Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
•    (c) Bachelor of Science in Dryland Agriculture
•    (d) Masters of Science in Agronomy
Diploma Courses
•    (a) Diploma in Crop protection
•    (b) Diploma in Apiculture
•    (c) Diploma in Horticulture
TIVET Programs
•    (a) Diploma in General Agriculture.
•    (b) Craft certificate in General Agriculture
Department of Range and Wildlife Sciences
•    (a) Bachelor of Science in Range Management
•    (b) Bachelor of science in Dryland Animal Science
•    (c) Master of Science Livestock Production System
Diploma Courses
•    (a) Diploma in Range Management
•    (b) Diploma in Animal Health and Production
Certificate Courses
•    (a) Certificate in Animal Health production
Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
•    (a) Master of Science in Agricultural Resource Management
Department of Food Science and Technology
•    (a) Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
Diploma Courses
•    (a) Diploma in Food Science and Technology

B) School of Water Resources Science and Technology
•    (a) Diploma in Hydrology
•    (b) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Hydrology and Water Resources Management
•    (c) Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Water Resources and Waste Water Planning and Management.
•    (d) B.Sc. in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Technology

C) School of Environment and Natural Resources Management
•    (a) BSc. in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management
•    (b) BSc. in Management of Agro-Ecosystems & Environment
•    (c) BSc. in Environmental Management
•    (d) B.Sc. in Forestry
•    (e) Diploma in Forestry
•    (f) Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit

D) School of Earth Sciences
•    B.Sc. Geology
•    B.Sc. Meteorology

E) School of Pure and Applied Sciences
•    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B.Sc. Chemistry) and
•    Bachelor of Science in Physics

F) School of Engineering and Technology
•    (a) Craft certificate in motor vehicle mechanics
•    (b) Craft certificate in electrical installation
•    (c) Craft certificate in electrical installation
•    (d) Diploma in clothing technology
•    (e) Craft certificate in clothing technology
•    (f) Craft Certificate in building construction (masonry option)
•    (g) Craft Certificate in building construction (carpentry and joinery option)
•    (h) Diploma in building construction

G) School of Business and Economics
•    (a) Dilopma in Business Management
•    (b) Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
•    (c) Diploma in Public Relations
•    (d) Diploma in Sales and Marketing
•    (e) Bachelor of Economics
•    (f) Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
•    (g) Bachelor of Procurement and Supply chain Management
•    (h) Bachelor of commerce
•    (i) Masters in Business Administration

H) School of Humanities and Social Sciences
•    (a) Dip. In Social work and Social Development)
•    (b) Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development
•    (c) Bachelor of Arts , Social Work

I) School of Information and Communication Technology
•    B.Sc. Computer Science
•    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
•    Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (Under Development )
•    Diploma in Information Technology
•    Diploma in Information and Communication Technology ( KNEC)

J) School of Education
•    (a) Bachelor of Education (Arts)
•    (b) Bachelor of Education (Science)

K School of External studies and Continuing Education



1.    Bachelor of Arts (Gender & Social Studies)
2.    Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)
3.    Bachelor of Commerce
4.    Bachelor of Economics
5.    Bachelor of Economics & Statistics
6.    Bachelor of Education(Arts)
7.    Bachelor of Education(Science)
8.    Bachelor of Information Technology
9.    Bachelor of Land Resource Management
10.    Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Mgt
11.    Bachelor of Science ( Agriculture)
12.    Bachelor of Science ( Food Nutrition And Dietetics)
13.    Bachelor of Science ( Forestry)
14.    Bachelor of Science ( Geology)
15.    Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science)
16.    Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
17.    Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
18.    Bachelor of Science (Biology)
19.    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
20.    Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
21.    Bachelor of Science (Dryland Agriculture)
22.    Bachelor of Science (Dryland Animal Science
23.    Bachelor of Science (Electronics)
24.    Bachelor of Science (Environment Conservation& Natural Resources)
25.    Bachelor of Science (Fisheries & Aquaculture)
26.    Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)
27.    Bachelor of Science (Hydrology & Water Resources
28.    Bachelor of Science (Land Resource Management)
29.    Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
30.    Bachelor of Science (Meteorology)
31.    Bachelor of Science (Physics)
32.    Bachelor of Science (Range Management)
33.    Bachelor of Science (Statistics)
34.    Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
35.    Bachelor of Science in Management of Agri. Ecosystems
36.    Master of Business Administration
37.    Master of Education
38.    Master of Science (Environment Management)
39.    Master of Science(Agricultural Resource Management)

South Eastern Kenya University Fees Structure

The fees structure depends on the course that you are undertaking at the time of application.

You can also contact the university using the below contact information.

South Eastern Kenya University Application Forms

South Eastern Kenya University offers a wide range of undergraduate courses within its campuses and collaborating centers. There are educational opportunities for full time and part-time students.

The courses are designed to equip the students with important skills, and academic knowledge and experience needed to make you a sought-after professional by employers.

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Postgraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

Application forms

Fill the application form and then send it either by mail or bring it yourself.

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South Eastern Kenya University Contacts

P.O. BOX 170-90200
Kitui Nairobi 254 Kenya
Mobile: 0736116989