Sotico Sacco Society Ltd Contacts

Sotico Sacco Contacts: Searching for Sotico Sacco Society Ltd Contacts? You can reach the Sacco using the below contacts.

SOTICO SACCO LTD Society Limited is an employer base Co-operative Society for the employees of Sotik Tea Company and Sotik Tea Estate in Bureti and Nyamira Districts, respectively The society comprises of three branches namely:Arroket branch , Monieri branch(both of Sotik Tea Company) and Sotik Highlands branch. The society was registered in 1991 with 90 Members only. The society has since grown.

Sotico Sacco Mobile Banking

You can use the Paybill Number 510500 to do mobile banking

Sotico Sacco Paybill Number

Sotico Sacco Paybill Number is 510500

Payment procedure using Sotico Sacco Paybill number 510500

  •         Select Safaricom
  •        Go to M-PESA
  •         Select Lipa na Mpesa
  •         Select Paybill
  •         Enter Sotico Sacco Paybill number 510 500
  •         Enter your membership number for account number.
  •         Enter Amount you wish to send
  •        Enter your personal Mpesa PIN
  •         Confirm the information
  •         Send

Sotico Sacco Loan Products

  1. Emergency loan
  2. Funeral loan
  3. School fees loan
  4. Keombe loan
  5. Christmas Savings scheme
  6. Development loan

Sotico Sacco Contacts

Box 959 ,
Chebilat – Ikonge Road ,
Sotik ,
Kenya .