All time most Popular Courses in Kenyan Universities

There are several courses in Kenyan universities that can be considered to be: All time most Popular Courses in Kenyan Universities.

Kenyan students are looking for admission to do courses that are considered prestigious in society.  Most of the public universities have limited slots for these courses. This has made many students to miss their first choice on the course they want to do.

All-time most Popular Courses in Kenyan Universities

A majority of students in 2021 preferred to study the following courses.


Bachelor of Architectural studies/Architecture

Bachelor of Science-Actuarial science

Bachelor of Science-Computer science

Bachelor of Science-Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science-Geo spatial engineering

Bachelor of Science-Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Dental surgery

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Law

Top performers are definitely given the first priority to do the course they had chosen. Students are advised that competition for most “prestigious courses” is very high. Nearly for all of the above courses one should have cluster points between 45 – 40 and above, all must have excelled in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. As a result students should expect course revision if they do not qualify for most preferred first course previously selected. On the other hand, students should also look at the benefits of non-science courses because science alone cannot strike a balance in life. Education experts advise that there should be a change of attitude towards art subjects.

Success in life is not mostly determined by the course one studies. Life is more than education, its more of hard work and using one abilities to improve the current situation. The most successful people in the world are not necessarily doctors or engineers, but people who have used their full potential to change their lives and that of other people.