Mafanikio Sacco – Contacts, Branches

Mafanikio Sacco formerly Mombasa Teachers Sacco LTD was registered on 11th May 1976 with a membership of 500, drawn from the teaching fraternity that is Primary schools teachers, Secondary school teachers, Knut employees, Office of the President, Ministry of Education, employees’ of the Sacco and other teachers institutions like KNUT and BF and retired teachers. Registration as per Co-operatives Act vide cert. no.2484

The society has now opened up membership to include other business people in the ‘Jua Kali’ industry who have opened accounts in Front Office Services Activities (FOSA) and get loans after saving for a minimum period of six months. Our membership has grown from five hundred (500) at the time of registration in 1976 to 3063 in Back Office Services Activities (BOSA) and 3000 account holders in Front office Services Activities (FOSA) currently.

Mafanikio Sacco Paybill Number

Mafanikio Sacco Paybill Number is 854846

Mafanikio Sacco Mobile Banking

Mafanikio Sacco Paybill Number is 854846

Mafanikio Sacco Contacts

Searching for Mafanikio Sacco Society Ltd Contacts? You can reach the Sacco using below contacts

Mafanikio Sacco Society Ltd

P.O Box 86515-80100, Mombasa.

Jomo Kenyatta avenue Behind KCB Mvita Branch


Tel:+254 (0734402011) / +254 (0734402011)