Inappropriate Things to Not Say At Work

Are you aware that there are several inappropriate things not to say at work?

Regardless on the nature of your job it will be wise to know the kind of things to avoid saying to your fellow workmates. This is because once these things are said they may ruin your work relationships. Since the bigger parts of our days are spend at the workplace, a negative work relationship may affect you performance and moods.

To help you avoid getting into the wrong side with your workmates we have looked at some of the inappropriate things not to say at work

Inappropriate things to not say at work

Don’t talk about you dream to replace your boss

We are allowed to have dream, but when your dream is to take your boss position then let no word come out. Very few bosses will be comfortable knowing that you are working so hard so that you can take their position. Saying this may derail your promotion and job appraisal. Unless your boss is one of the best, one who does not fear challenges then keep the dream to yourself and work on achieving  it in any other way either in company or through another job

Personal achievement that may go in contrast to company visions

Assume your company offers IT solutions to various clients, then one of the company clients come directly to you asking for your services during the weekends. You manage to win their trust and overtime you become their It specialist.

In such a case it will be very inappropriate to bring up such topic in the workplace. You could get fired for poaching the company’s client.  The best thing you can do is remain quite about the matter even to your workmates; you never know who may sell you out.

Religious topics to discriminate others

Religion is a very delicate matter; it is in this regard that one should be careful what you say as it may affect others. In a position where you differ in religion matters ensure you keep off negative comments. Learning to be tolerant with someone beliefs is important. Do not discriminate any one basis on what they believe.

Sex life

Another inappropriate thing not to say at work is all matters about sex life. This will help you maintain your person image. If someone else open up to you about sex life be prudent not to share it in the office. This may bring about mistrust and contempt that may affect your work life. On the other hand don’t seek advice about sex life with workmate, seek professional help or from someone not related to your profession.

Salary and allowances

For people working in places where salary rate differ ensure you do not just talk about the pay you get. The company could be paying each individual depending on their skills and negotiations. For instance two people with same qualification and experience could earn different salary. If this is revealed to others the individual getting less pay may end up feeling less motivated. Eventually this may result in poor job results and create negative image to those who could be earning less.

Gossip about your workmates

Imagine a situation where you hear of a bad rumour that has been spreading around the office, to make the matter worse it turns out all what was said is false. These are the situations that cause employees wrangle. To avoid such wrangles ensure you avoid spreading rumors in the office.

Workmates skills

Regardless of the work environment you are in, it always possible to work around incompetent people. Just because someone is not good enough in one field does not mean we to talk about it. Many people can always be trained to become better so be the person who does the training. In a case where the person is not willing to learn the best thing you can do is let them be, eventually the will see the importance of improving their skills or if they not, they will face the dismissal notice.

Doing this will save you an awkward position where people might think you are just being insecure when taking about others incompetence’s.

Political beliefs

Your political need not be argued with anyone, this because if you differ with someone’s political stand, it could lead to contempt.  Politics have divided people in the work places depending on the side they prefer.